10 Super Weird Celebrity Diets

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Find out the bizarre secret behind some of Hollywood’s bootilicious behinds.

For a long time celebrities’ attitude towards body image and dieting has been the biggest influence for girls (and boys) around the world. Whilst most of us are envious of Jennifer Aniston’s legs or Beyonce’s curves, not many would be prepared to make the same sacrifices. What is clear, is that when it comes to celebrity dieting, there is no moderation, only extremity.

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1. Adriana Lima protein shakes, vitamins, and supplements only


Victoria’s Secret Angel has only one advice for those looking to follow her lead on their path to achieving a slim body – do not do it. For nine days prior to the annual fashion shows she works out twice a day and avoids any solid foods. Her diet consists only of protein shakes, vitamins and supplements. She receives advice from a nutritionist in order to ensure that she has as much energy as possible. Furthermore, 12 hours before the show Lima also cuts out any liquids from her diet, including water. This is in order to dry out her body, which can help you lose almost eight pounds. Whilst this is very difficult and requires commitment and determination, the model insists that she will only do it once a year and after that she returns to her usual eating habits. Although it is not advisable to follow this type of diet, as Lima only does it for a short amount of time, it should not have long-term effects on her health.

2. Madonna Air only

Whilst some cut down on food in order to achieve the desired results, others cut out food altogether. Madonna is one of few celebrity figures promoting the Air Diet. The concept of it is to prepare the food, put it on your plate, place it on your fork and hold it up to your mouth. However, you will need to stop there as you cannot actually take a bite. Thus, you end up eating nothing except water and salt soup, which quenches your thirst, is full of minerals and is perfect for those on a budget. Simply put, you do not eat – you pretend to do it. Although this diet has been promoted by the French, it originates from breatharianism. This is based on the idea that air alone can keep our bodies active. It is not clear whether Madonna did try the diet or simply promoted it.

3. Jennifer Anistonlemon juice for breakfast

Evidently Jen has not been listening to the well established advice that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The Friends actress chooses to skip breakfast in order to maintain her figure, substituting it with copious amounts of lemon juice. This encourages detox and helps burn fat quicker. Whilst this diet may be working for Jennifer, skipping breakfast could in fact cause you to put on weight. This is because you will find calorific food more appealing and, as a result, it will be much more difficult to resist.

4. BeyonceLiquids Only

Prior to the filming of Dreamgirls Beyonce used the Master Cleanse Diet, which famously helped her lose 20 pounds. This entailed substituting all solids with liquids, such as lemonade made from lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper and water, for 14 days. This helps cleanse and detoxify your body, whilst stimulating tissue growth. The Master Cleanse also entails drinking herbal laxative tea twice a day and four cups of salt water each morning. In the long term the diet could lead to weight gain, weakened immune system and heart and kidney problems.

5. SnookiLow calorie cookies only

The Jersey Shore star follows what could be every girl’s dream on their way to perfect body – eating cookies. This was established by Dr. Siegal and consists of eating six 90-calorie cookies a day and one small meal. The cookies contain beef and milk proteins and are designed to suppress hunger. The greatest challenge for Snooki was the strict no alcohol rule of the diet. She did not cut alcohol out altogether, but she did limit it considerably, which contributed to the final result.

6. Reese WitherspoonBaby food only

reese_witherspoon.jpg (529×385)

Reese Witherspoon famously credits her perfect body to what is known as the baby food diet. It involves replacing breakfast and lunch with jars of baby food and eating one proper meal for dinner. There are numerous advantages to this diet. It is more cost effective than a juice cleanse, there is no need to cook food, which is a benefit to those who have little time on their hands, it does not contain additives or preservatives and it is full of vitamins. On the other hand, it may lead to hunger and binge eating later on in the evening. Reese combined it with yoga and running in order to remain fit and healthy.

7. Megan FoxApple Cider vinegar before every meal

megan fox diet

In order to cleanse out her system, the Transformers star drinks apple cider vinegar before every meal. Experts claim that this is not a healthy way to detoxify your body and it is more advisable to make small changes in your eating habits and eat a balanced diet. Megan Fox argues that as she does not enjoy exercise or dieting, this helps her rid her body of sugars and water weight.

8. Nicole KidmanHard Boil Eggs

nicole kidman diet

When filming Cold Mountain, Nicole Kidman was asked to lose as much weight as possible. She went on the hardboiled egg diet, which entailed having one egg for breakfast and two to three for dinner. This type of diet is not advisable in the long run as it is unbalanced, unhealthy and does not provide you with enough calories. In the end Nicole ended up losing more weight than she originally desired.

9. Katie Holmes –  Raw organic vegetables

Katie’s secret to a healthy-looking body and quick weight loss for movies is raw, organic vegetable diets. When the actress needs a quick weight loss plan, she will usually only have carrot soup and yam for lunch and broccoli for dinner. She avoids all fruits due to their high sugar content, except for the occasional berries. When she feels hungry, Katie will snack on almonds. This is in addition to pilates and plenty of time on the treadmill. Whilst the raw vegetable diet may seem healthy and nutritious, it may be dangerous due to the high content of vitamins, which may lead to complications.

10. Ashley GreeneAbstinence AKA Anorexia

The Twilight star is the envy of every woman looking to lose weight, after she managed to shed pounds without trying. Whilst she claims that she does not believe in dieting, her long days on the Twilight set meant that she did not have much time to eat. As a result, she lost a lot of weight without any effort to abstain from food. On the other hand, as Ashley’s character is portrayed as a female fighter, she had to do a lot of weight-lifting and cardio exercises. She highlights that this was in order to gain muscle and not to lose fat.

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