Losing Weight with Appetite Suppressants

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For as long as the world spins round, we’ll all be looking to curb our waistline.

It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, male or female, everyone is looking to knock a few extra pounds off and achieve that magazine-esque body.


Unfortunately, this has come at a time where our lives are just getting all the more tougher. Gone are the days where we all seemed to have lots of precious time to spare on gyms and healthy meal preparations – most of us just don’t have chance to give these issues a second-thought. It means that it’s just all too easy to get fat.

This is where appetite suppressants step into the picture. We’ve all seen weight loss products come and go over the years, for the simple reason that many are based on false promises that just fail to deliver.

Appetite suppressants are somewhat different though, as we’ll now investigate through the course of this guide.


What Are Appetite Suppressants?


Hopefully, you’ve already worked this out through the giveaway name. Appetite suppressants do exactly as they say on the tin; they suppress your appetite. In other words, they send signals to your brain which makes you feel hungrier than you really are.

The big advantage of this is that you are immediately reducing the amount of calories you consume. Something that we all know, regardless of whether or not you hold a medical background, is that the fewer calories you consume the less chance you have of getting fat.

Calories are the currency of weight loss – the currency that we need to get rid of by any means possible.


Are Appetite Suppressants Dangerous?


Like all drugs, side effects are rife. Some people may suffer with an upset stomach, dizziness and sleeplessness, due to the ingredients that are contained in this medication.

It means that while appetite suppressant drugs do stop you from eating, this does come at a cost.


Is There Any Way to Suppress Your Appetite Without Side Effects?

weight loss

Over recent years the supplements industry has boomed. Once upon a time there would not have been an option to suppress your appetite and not experience side effects in the process. Now, this is changing.

Manufacturers have found countless “natural” supplements which only use products from the earth. Many of these ingredients have been used for years abroad, in regions such as Africa and South American, and all have a history of helping people stop eating.

The fact that they are natural means that they don’t play with the body in any way which synthetic drugs do and you can therefore lose weight without any nasty side effects.


What Are The Current Market Leaders?

best products

As anyone who has studied this industry over the years will tell you, the weight loss market is saturated. There are simply too many products to choose from and in a bid to highlight just what’s out there; we’ll now present a couple of the appetite suppressant market leaders.


Unique Hoodia

unique hoodia

Unique Hoodia is one of the most well-known supplements in the weight loss field, never mind when it specifically comes to appetite suppressants. The product can be summarized as follows:

  • Unique Hoodia is based on a simple premise; it will make you eat less. Its ingredients have been carefully selected to reduce your hunger and therefore, cut down on your calorie intake.
  • The product relies on complete science, with both of the main ingredients having plenty of backing behind them. For example, Hoodia Gordonii has been known for years in regions of South Africa to reduce your appetite. In other words, this is based on historical evidence.
  • This isn’t a product which is going to mess about with your day-to-day activities. It’s based on gelatine capsules, allowing you to swallow and forget about it while it works in the background.
  • Some people have lost weight within days; Unique Hoodia can work almost instantaneously.
  • The product is priced at $57.45, with this representing a significant discount from the original cost of $70.45. If you wish to pledge your faith in the product for several months at a time you can save money as well; with three bottles costing $140.90 and six priced at just $211.35.
  • As well as the savings, you can also buy Unique Hoodia in the knowledge that your money is protected. If it doesn’t work for you, you can take advantage of a 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • Unique Hoodia is manufactured by one of the biggest names in the business in the form of Bauer Nutrition. They’ve been around for years and have countless products in their arsenal that highlight their immense reputation.

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Just like Unique Hoodia, Zotrim is another product which has survived the industry’s test of time. Here’s the lowdown on this appetite suppressant:

  • Zotrim is designed in a similar way to Unique Hoodia, with the manufacturers putting together a natural concoction of ingredients that will suppress your appetite. As well as this, Zotrim will boost your energy levels during the day and allow you to burn even more calories.
  • The studies behind Zotrim are even more convincing. One found that the typical person ate over 100 calories less every meal after taking the product.
  • Just like Unique Hoodia, significant research has been invested into the ingredients list. Taking caffeine as a prime example, this is a component which has been found to improve performance levels by 12% (and get those calories burning again!).
  • Another similarity to the previous product is that it is based on a capsule. However, these are suitable for vegetarians – opening Zotrim up to a slightly larger target audience.
  • Zotrim is priced slightly cheaper than Unique Hoodia, with this product retailing for $46.51. The pricing situation gets even better if you order in bulk as well, with a half-year package priced at $193.65 and subsequently saving you $85.41.
  • As we’ve already mentioned, Zotrim has survived the test of time. Over ten million units have been sold over the years and this just proves how established the product, and the manufacturer for that matter, have become.

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