Best Colon Cleansing Supplements to Get Rid of Belly Bloat

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It might not be the most glamorous subject to talk about, but that doesn’t mean to say that colon cleansing isn’t worthy of a whole guide.

In fact, if you were to approach celebrities around the world, the majority will have not only heard of a colon cleanse – but will have also probably experienced one as well.

colon cleansing to flatten your stomach

Initially, these celebrities were turning to the cleanse to make their bodies healthier. However, developments over the years have shown that these cleansing treatments can prompt even bigger benefits and as the title may have suggested, one of these is the loss of belly fat.

Bearing this in mind, we’ll now jump straight into the ins and outs of colon cleansing and how it might just help your waistline.


What is a colon cleanse?

colon cleansing definition

First and foremost, let’s take a look at exactly what a colon cleanse is. In simple terms, the game is in the name – it’s a procedure which will clean your colon.

It will attempt to rid the organ of toxins which, according to experts, can be the cause behind general ill-health.


How does the colon cleanse work?

flatten your stomach with colon cleansing

There are actually two main procedures when it comes to colon cleansing.

The first is probably the one that is the most well-known and is generally referred to as a colon irrigation. It involves a tube being inserted into the rectum, before a low-pressure pump flushes water through the tube and into your colon.

The therapist who is coordinating the procedure will then proceed to massage the abdomen, in a bid to prompt a regular bowel movement which results in the liquid, and waste, being flushed out of the body.

As you may have probably gathered, this is almost an advanced procedure. For this reason, experts have also devised oral supplements which can perform the same process – but without the rigmarole which we have just spoken about.

The supplements contain all sorts of ingredients, which are put together with the aim of cleansing your colon before prompting it to expel whatever is inside.


How does it help you lose belly fat?

losing belly fat

So, how is a colon cleanse related to weight loss? As you probably know, the colon collects all sort of waste that our body doesn’t need.

Unfortunately, some of this is left behind and never exits the body in the way that it is supposed to. Some of this excess matter is belly fat.

In other words, belly fat gradually accumulates and starts to cement itself in your colon. Regular bowel movements don’t get rid of it – it’s there to stay unless some form of action is taken.

It should go without saying that this is where the colon cleanse enters the picture.


Are there any risks associated with a colon cleanse?

safety first

This is something of a grey area.

As we highlighted previously, there are two types of colon cleanse. One involves water being injected through a tube into the colon, while the other is a mere supplement. Unsurprisingly, it’s the former which carries the most risk.

We should firstly point out that if you visit an official therapist who holds all of the relevant qualifications, you are in very safe hands.

However, there have also been studies which suggest that allergic reactions with the substances used in the colon irrigation can occur, as can bowel perforations, vomiting and nausea.

Oral supplements on the other hand tend to be a much safer solution, although caution should still be exercised and you should not use them too often.


What are the best colon cleanse treatments out there?

It won’t come as a surprise to read that this is a big industry and there are subsequently umpteen companies who are aiming to muscle in on the supplements act.

In a bid to slash the risk of side effects completely, we’re now going to look at two all-natural products that deal with colon cleansing.

Both are regarded as market leaders and if you are serious about losing belly fat via this method, they might be worthwhile products to consider.


Intensive Colon Cleanse

Intensive Colon Cleanse

  • Intensive Colon Cleanse will improve your digestion, reduce gas and bloating and ultimately give you a flatter stomach.
  • The speed in which Intensive Colon Cleanse affects weight loss is frantic. It sheds an average of 5-10lbs from your waistline in days – you’ll be a different person.
  • The product is capsule-based, meaning that your normal activities won’t suffer at all. Additionally, you can buy Maximum Digestion Probiotic and Daily Digestion Support to aid the colon cleansing process and make your belly fat loss journey even faster.
  • This isn’t some product which is going to “come and go”. The fact it has been featured in Elle and Cosmopolitan tells you everything you need to know about what the experts think.
  • It’s possible to buy one bottle of Intensive Colon Cleanse for just $59.95. However, to take advantage of Maximum Digestion Probiotic and Digestive Enzyme Renewal as well you will pay $117. Both options will provide a 30-day cleanse.
  • If you are one of the minority which Intensive Colon Cleanse isn’t successful for, it’s possible to obtain a full refund within 90 days of trying the product.
  • Let’s finish our breakdown with a look at the manufacturers. Leading Edge Health are one of the biggest supplement brands in the world, without question. They’ve been around for almost fifteen years for the simple reason that all of their supplements have taken the market by storm.

Visit The Official Instensive Colon Cleanse Website




  • Bowtrol aims to address all of the colon issues that can blight your health and also mean that you carry much more belly fat than you really should. It will replenish your good bacteria, restore your natural digestive balance and improve lactose intolerance. Your colon will be able to hand food much more comfortably – and your body will look all the better for it.
  • Just like Intensive Colon Cleanser, Bowtrol has been appreciated by the best. This is a product which has been covered by none other than CNN, for the simple reason that it’s hugely successful.
  • It’s not just the media who have jumped on this product, it’s also blessed with countless positive press. Some people just can’t believe how their stomach never experiences any embarrassing problems – it’s almost like a miracle-worker.
  • Behind all of the hype is some extensive science though. The product takes advantage of activated charcoal to bind toxins that exist in your intestinal tract and help them escape the body. It also contains bentonite clay, which will act as a mild laxative to help toxins escape as well.
  • Bowtrol will help you lose weight via other avenues as well, with the manufacturers generously including a weight loss e-book and MP3 to fast-track the process.
  • Bowtrol is a little cheaper than Intensive Colon Cleanser, with this product retailing for around $30 for a one month supply. Additionally, the savings over time can be terrific, with a six month supply priced at little over $90.
  • Just like the previous product, the company behind Bowtrol boasts a superb reputation. They’ve been around since 2002 and during those thirteen years they have gained countless plaudits for the fantastic supplements they have brought to the market.

Visit The Official Bowtrol Website

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