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The story behind Niacin is an interesting one to say the least. While it might be grabbing all of the headlines at the moment, it’s incredible to think that this was actually the third B vitamin to be discovered. It’s for this reason that it’s sometimes referred to as Vitamin B3.

Best Niacin Supplements to Lose Weight

In the early 1940s some doctors started to find that it worked extremely effectively on those patients who were showing symptoms of arthritis. Since then, its uses have expanded, and we’ll now take a look at this vitamin in detail through the course of his page to highlight just what it can be used for and what benefits it offers.


What is Niacin used for?

niacin niacinamide vitamin b3

As we’ve just mentioned, one of the principle uses for Niacin focused on arthritis. It was found that the vitamin was able to reduce pain and swelling and subsequently lessen the symptoms that patients were feeling.

More recently, there are all sorts of other uses that have been associated with it. It is very popular amongst people with high cholesterol and also for those who have already suffered a heart attack and are looking to reduce the chances of another. Other possible uses include insomnia, motion sickness and even memory loss.

As the title of this guide may have suggested, there is plenty of evidence focused around Niacin’s use around weight loss. This is something that is relatively recent although the way in which it works suggests that it could be a viable option for anyone who struggles to manage their weight.


What benefits does Niacin have?

fit woman running using niacin supplement and enjoying the benefits

To avoid leaving you on a cliff-hanger in relation to the weight loss aspect of Niacin, let’s take a look at some of the direct benefits and show how these can affect your waistline.

One of the key benefits that Niacin has found is to make the body release HGH at much faster rates. It’s worth mentioning that this hormone has been found to decrease as we age – which is one of the reasons why we start to put on more weight through our older years. It’s a hormone which improves our metabolism significantly, allowing us to burn more calories through the course of the day and ultimately, lose weight.

Another interesting benefit is how it helps the body increase its red blood cell production. Immediately, this means that the body has more oxygen available which can be delivered to muscles. It means that the body has more energy available, and less fatigue, which allows it to again get more out of a day and burn calories. Additionally, if you happen to be a gym enthusiast, this process will help your muscles recover quickly and increase in size.

On the subject of increased amounts of oxygen, let’s take a look at a similar benefit. The brain is also receiving more oxygen and nutrients, which means that it can concentrate at much better levels than it is usually used to.

Another benefit associated with Niacin is its antioxidant properties. While this might not directly affect weight loss, the fact that the vitamin is able to protect red blood cells can be indirectly invaluable for the long-term. Without this protection, athletes in particular can incur oxidative damage and experience their red blood cells decrease. By protecting these cells, you can keep performing for years without a problem.


Does Niacin have any side effects?

niacin vitamin b3 flush side effects

Perhaps the biggest side effect that is associated with Niacin is the “flush”.

This is something that has become synonymous with the vitamin. In simple terms, around five minutes after taking the ingredient, a lot of people tend to experience a slight tingling in their face before their skin starts to redden somewhat. Naturally, the skin also becomes a little warmer during this period and there can be cases whether the feeling extends to other parts of the body, such as the chest, arms and hands.

While this might seem like quite a scary sensation, it’s a natural side effect. It happens because Niacin expands blood vessels in your body, which allows more blood flow through them and the above experience happens. In other words, it’s nothing to be concerned about.

Usually, the effects will start to dwindle as your body gets used to the vitamin.


What are the dosage suggestions?

niacin vitamin b3 dosage

On the back of the above, we should comment on the dosage advice that accompanies Niacin. Firstly, it’s worth mentioning that the tingling experience we’ve just discussed will only occur in larger quantities of Niacin. If your dose is quite small, the effects will be smaller as well.

In general, the experts advise the following dosages for Niacin:

  • If you’re taking it for high cholesterol: The dosage for high-cholesterol patients can be quite high, with some suggesting that you should take as much as 3000 mg/day.
  • If you’re taking it for heart disease: This is similar to the above, with a 4g per day limit advised.
  • If you’re taking it to treat osteoarthritis: This has slightly lower dosage advice, at 3g per day.

In terms of the dietary allowances, it’s not advisable to take more than 35 mg/day.


What are the best most popular Niacin supplements?

Considering all of the advantages that have been associated with this vitamin, it’s hardly surprising to see that a lot of supplements have entered the market which aim to provide the body with a good supply.

At the moment, it would be fair to say that NiacinMAX and Rugby Niacin are the two leading supplements in this regard. We’ll now take a look at both in detail to show how they can help you achieve your weight loss goals.



niacin max

  • Niacin MAX will carry out everything that we’ve discussed so far. It will increase your red blood cell production, increase HGH and just generally make it so much easier for your body to lose weight.
  • The product delivers 75 mg of Niacin per serving.
  • NiacinMAX isn’t just your standard supplement. It’s delivered into the body via a fast dissolving thin film. This is crucial; it means that the Niacin is delivered to your bloodstream at a rate which pills and other forms of supplement just can’t compete with. Your digestive system, the system which tends to slow everything down, doesn’t even come into play.
  • Over 90% of pure Niacin can be delivered into your bloodstream thanks to the unique delivery method. Statistically, it means that it’s 45 times more effective than rival supplements which tend to deliver 10-15%.
  • To put the benefits of the thin film into context again; it’s been found that your HGH levels will be boosted by 600% because of this.
  • It might be based on a different method of consumption, but NiacinMAX still tastes completely fine and will hit your tongue with a citrus boost.
  • NiacinMAX is priced at $39.99 for the base package, which is designed to last a month. Alternatively, you can save with bulk-buy discounts, with three months’ worth available for $79.98 while five months are sold at $119.97. All of the packages include fast and free shipping.
  • The product arrives with a generous 67-day money-back guarantee. It means that if you’re not satisfied with NiacinMAX, you can get your money back quickly.
  • NiacinMAX has been put together by Wolfson Berg Limited. The company have registered addresses all over the world – they can most certainly be trusted.

Niacin MAX Review – Buy Niacin MAX


Rugby Niacin

rugby niacin

  • Rugby Niacin is another Niacin-based supplement which carries all of the benefits that have been highlighted through this page.
  • Rugby Niacin is capsule-based product. While this might mean that it isn’t delivered to the bloodstream quite as quickly as NiacinMax, the fact that it contains a huge 500mg of Niacin means that this isn’t a drawback by any stretch of the imagination.
  • The product doesn’t contain any unnecessary ingredients; you don’t have to worry about your general health. To clarify, forget about preservatives, sugar, sodium or anything else that can do you harm.
  • As well as all of the science behind the Niacin vitamin itself, there is an endless amount of positivity about this product from past users. Some are physicians, others are just an Average Joe – but many have become long-term users and have experienced lower cholesterol, higher energy levels and even a reduction in their waistline.
  • Rugby Niacin has been made available for $25.73, which represents unbelievable value for money. You’ll receive 1000 tablets and considering that the serving advice tells you to just take one per day – we don’t need to do any math for you. It’s a bargain.
  • Just like the last product we looked at, Rugby Niacin is another which arrives with a 100% money-back guarantee. Furthermore, this guarantee stretches an incredible 12 months.
  • Look all over; Rugby are making strides. The company behind this supplement have harnessed a superb reputation over recent times and most people are amazed that they have been able to put such a potent supplement on the market at such a low price.

Buy Rugby Niacin

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