Top 10 Weight Loss Diets in 2017

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The “top ten” article theme might be one of the most popular around, but trying to separate weight loss diets into such text is easier said than done.

The industry seemingly welcomes a new product or plan by the day although in a bid to educate you on the best that are currently available, here’s our lowdown on the ten that are proven to be the most effective.

best diets for weight loss


1 – My Gene Diet

Finding out that your weight management issues might actually be completely related to your genes is the perfect news for some people.

That’s exactly what the people behind My Gene Diet claim, with users providing a swab of their DNA in a bid to distinguish exactly what types of food their body needs to be consuming.

My gene diet

The breakdown on My Gene Diet

  • My Gene Diet targets those users who have unnatural variations of the FTO gene – which can increase the chances of being vastly overweight by up to 70%.
  • Unlike some diets, this is a scheme which is tailored exactly according to your DNA meaning that the chances of success are increased significantly.
  • As well as a diet plan, the manufacturers will also provide you with an exercise schedule which can make your weight loss even more efficient.
  • There are some stunning testimonials associated with this product, with some women reporting up to 20kg of weight loss alongside the other benefits such as immense boosts of energy.


My Gene Diet Cons

  1. If you are looking for an immediate fix, this isn’t for you. It can take up to three weeks for your personalised plan to be returned to you after you send your sample.
  2. Even though you are providing a swab of your DNA, My Gene Diet will only return information that will impact your body composition.


My Gene Diet – How does it work?

The basis of My Gene Diet is to analyse five of the main genes, and see if they have any significant variations. If they do, science dictates that the chances of weight gain are significantly increased. It’s at this point where a specialist diet plan is crucial and can help overcome the genetic problems.

FTO gene: Any variation in this gene causes you to feel hungry more easily.

ADRB2 gene: A variation in this gene can cause difficulties in mobilising the fat for energy production.

APOA2 gene: Those users who suffer a variation of APOA2 will experience bizarre eating habits.

ACTN3 gene: The analysis of this gene allows the exercise plan to be tailored accordingly, as it can be found what activities the muscles are more suited towards.


Will My Gene Diet work for you?

There’s a reason why personal trainers at the gym are so expensive – it’s because they have the best effect as they tailor a plan directly to your needs. This is the same principle that My Gene Diet follows and with the scheme arriving with several impressive testimonials, such as ones by people who have lost up to 20kg through the plan, it’s clear that anyone could reap the rewards.


Does My Gene Diet have side effects?

As My Gene Diet is merely telling you what to eat, rather than putting pills into your hand, there are no side effects associated with it.

Learn more about My Gene Diet in their Official Website 



2 – Weight Watchers

This has been one of the world’s most well-known diets for years, and the fact that Weight Watchers is still immensely popular says everything you need to know about its success. However, with so many other weight loss fads arriving on the market over the years, does Weight Watchers still hold the ‘wow factor’?

weight wachers diet

The breakdown on Weight Watchers

  • Users will be pledging their trust in one of the most respectable weight loss companies around.
  • There are thousands of success stories; from women who have lost two pounds to those who have lost almost fifteen stone.
  • It’s seen as one of the easiest ways to take control of weight management. Rather than calorie count, users will simply consume points that their personalised plan will dictate. This means that you can afford a few luxuries in your diet.


Weight Watchers Cons

  1. The immense reputation of Weight Watchers means that it’s slightly more expensive than competitors.
  2. Some users won’t like counting the points of every item of food they consume.


Weight Watchers – How does it work?

Weight Watchers is based on a ProPoints system, which ultimately allocates different quantities of points to each type of food. When you sign up to the plan, you’ll be handed a PointsPlus target and suffice to say, you need to ensure that whatever foods you consume make you stay within these points boundaries.


Will Weight Watchers work for you?

Weight Watchers has been around for decades and there are thousands of people who have, and still, experience success with the programme. This has made it one of the most reputable around and there’s absolutely no question that it could work for anyone.


Does Weight Watchers have side effects?

Just like the previous diet looked at, the nature of Weight Watchers means that there is no potential for side effects.



3 – Volumetrics Diet

While the previous two diets rely on you liaising with the respective companies, Volumetrics differs in this respect. This is a diet which the burden is firmly placed on your shoulders, with the aim to simply use everyday foods to make you feel fuller.

volumetrics diet

The breakdown on Volumetrics

  • Volumetrics is created by Barbara Rolls, PhD – meaning that all of the science behind the diet is completely legitimate and based on science.
  • You don’t need to pay anything extra out of your own pocket; this is a diet which doesn’t require a subscription and just needs you to alter your weekly supermarket shop.
  • It’s possible to still eat those foods we all crave, as long as you stick to the basic principles of the diet.


Volumetrics Cons

  1. You won’t have a support network to rely on, if you start to struggle with your new plan.
  2. This isn’t regarded as a “quick fix” to weight management problems. It is designed for those individuals who want to take a long-term strategy to shedding the pounds.


Volumetrics – How does it work?

Volumetrics is based on the principle of feeling full. This is achieved by the foods that you eat, with the diet trying to encourage those foods that will fill you up, but with as few calories as possible.

In a bid to make this process easier, the diet separates foods into four categories. The bottom category focusses around vegetables and soups which can be consumed at any point, while the top category is at the completely opposite end of the spectrum and features luxuries foods. Suffice to say, more emphasis is placed on the lower categories.


Will Volumetrics work for you?

Volumetrics is based on all of the weight loss principles that have been proven over the years. The only difference is that the creator has attempted to simplify them, so users can understand them and put them into practice more easily. The fact that it has become such a popular scheme over the years suggests that it most definitely works – and the science is obviously there to back everything up.


Does Volumetrics have side effects?

Once again, Volumetrics simply advises on the foods you can and can’t eat. Therefore, there are no side effects associated with the diet.



4 – Fitium Diet Plan

In comparison to the other diets discussed, the Fitium option is most similar to My Gene Diet. It’s again designed to tailor a dietary plan directly to your needs, although it works somewhat differently to the first option we looked at on our list.

fitium diet

The breakdown on Fitium

  • Getting started with Fitium is as easy as 1, 2, 3. You simply fill in an online questionnaire, which will allow the system to perfect a diet plan exactly to your body and lifestyle. This relevance is the core of Fitium – it means that everything you eat will benefit you.
  • Fitium provides guidelines for what meals you can have; three times a day, every day of the week. Gone are the days where you spend hours mulling over just what to eat.
  • The plan offers regular motivation and challenges to ensure you are meeting your goals.


Fitium Cons

· There is an ongoing membership fee involved.
· While it’s possible to lose weight after just week of sticking to your Fitium plan, don’t expect miracles to happen during the initial stages.


Fitium – How does it work?

The Fitium system is based on 35 body and lifestyle metrics. You will firstly be asked a series of questions about your current state, with the system then calculating exactly what your body requires in order to take it to the next, healthy level.

It will map out what meals you need to be eating, what goals you need to achieve and completely tailor a plan to make you achieve them.


Will Fitium work for you?

Personalised diet plans are making major steps in this industry at the moment, and with good reason. The “one size fits all” system is declining in popularity, with more and more people under the knowledge that it’s just impossible to apply the same principles to every situation.

The fact that some users have lost as many as 130 pounds just by rigidly sticking to the personalised programme says everything you need to know about its success rate. Additionally, these instances aren’t just flashes in the pan – there are countless stories along these lines.


Does Fitium have side effects?

Unless you are allergic to any of the foods that you make, Fitium will not prompt any nasty side effects.

 Learn more about Fitium Diet Plan in their Official Website 


5 – Exante Diet

This Exante diet focusses on meal replacements – something else that has grown immensely in popularity over recent years. However, with so many rivals on the market, how does Exante really fare?

fitium diet

The breakdown on Exante

  • Exante is based on a simple principle; swap all of your real meals with their replacement products. They contain the equivalent of your daily allowance, whilst unsurprisingly contain the perfect ingredients to form a balanced diet.
  • There is no meal preparation involved – which is one of the key reasons why many people are unable to eat appropriately.
  • Exante offers users numerous choices, from shakes, soups bars and even food packs. Despite the ‘meal replacement’ tag, this is by no means a boring option.
  • It’s one of the cheapest meal replacement services currently available – and certainly much more affordable than home cooking.


Exante Cons

  1. You will be pledging all of your eating habits with one company, it’s not possible to combine the Exante approach with a different diet.
  2. Unsurprisingly, not everyone is going to be satisfied with merely consuming meal replacement products.


Exante – How does it work?

The Exante process is relatively straightforward to explain. Upon signup, you’ll be given the opportunity to purchase meal replacement products for a given time. Three are to be consumed every day and the Exante policy is simple; users will consume fewer calories, without knowing it, and the body will start to burn fat in ketosis. In essence, this means that the body will use fat stores to produce energy, resulting in considerable weight loss.


Will Exante work for you?

If you stick to the rules, so to speak, Exante will most certainly work for you. You won’t overeat, and your body will receive the exact quantity of energy that it requires.

From a statistical perspective, evidence also exists to suggest that it will work favourably. Whether its stories of people shedding a few pounds, or others losing over 3st, the basis of Exante seems to be that it will help you lose as much weight as you desire.


Does Exante have side effects?

As Exante is based on consuming very few calories, some users may experience side effects. Headaches and nausea could be common in this regard, while bad breath may also occur due to the process of ketosis.

 Learn more about the Exante Diet in the Official Website


6 – 5:2 Diet

5:2 Diet is a form of intermittent fasting and has made a lot of headway over recent times following various television promotions.

52 diet

The breakdown on the 5:2 Diet

  • The 5:2 Diet is simple in name, simple in nature. You restrict your calorie consumption for two days per week, and eat normally for the remaining five.
  • Evidence suggests that the approach will help you achieve short-term weight loss.
  • The book and app have become respective top sellers, suggesting that it has the backing from most of the country.


5:2 Diet Cons

  1. The NHS is yet to endorse the diet and says that further investigation is required before it can do so.


5:2 Diet – How does it work?

For five days, your eating habits will remain the same. You’ll eat the same food, enjoy the same luxuries – and your taste buds will still be tickled in the same way. Then, on two days of the week, things change. It’s on these days that you only consume 500 calories, meaning that your intake is significantly rationed.

Therefore, through the course of the week, the total calorie consumption has dropped and the result is gradual weight loss.


Will the 5:2 Diet work for you?

Several journals have been published which show that intermittent fasting does work, meaning that science is already suggesting that it could work for you. Countless newspapers have joined in the craze, along with past customers, and the general consensus is that it will at least slash your weight in the short-term. In the long-term, it remains to be seen how many people can keep up the approach.


Does the 5:2 Diet have side effects?

At the time of writing, side effects seem to be few and far between for the 5:2 Diet although some users may struggle to adapt to the fasting days more than others.

5:2 Fast Formula can help you accelerate the process and make your 5:2 Diet journey successful.

Check it out here. 


7 – Raw Food Diet

As the name suggests, this next diet focusses primarily on raw food. It has certainly gained a lot of attention over the years, but should you be willing to give up your oven for it?

raw food diet

The breakdown on the Raw Food Diet

  • The Raw Food Diet consists of purely raw food, with the aim being to preserve all of the nutrients and natural enzymes that are originally prevalent.
  • As well as boosting your general health, most raw foods are low in calories so you should theoretically experience some weight loss.


Raw Food Diet Cons

  1. Most people are unable to stay on this diet for long periods of time. It takes a lot of dedication to merely stick to raw food.
  2. You’ll probably have to take additional supplements to top up your protein, iron and calcium levels.


Raw Food Diet – How does it work?

The general consensus is that when food is cooked, it removes all of the nutrients and other enzymes that would ultimately boost our immunity and keep us in good, general health. Therefore, simply eating raw food removes this problem, while the fact that most fruit, vegetables and grains are so low in fat means that it’s excellent from a weight loss perspective as well.


Will the Raw Food Diet work for you?

There’s no doubt that the Raw Food Diet will work for anyone who takes it seriously. However, you should instead be asking yourself whether you will be able to stay with this diet for a long period of time. If you can, you will reap terrific health-based rewards.


Does the Raw Food Diet have side effects?

Initially, you may experience something called the detoxification reaction. This will involve headaches and possible nausea, mainly because of the lack of vitamins that your body was used to from your previous diet.



8 – Atkins Diet

It’s proved to be one of the most controversial diets in recent years, but some people just won’t look at anything else other than the Atkins Diet. This next part of the article will look at why.

raw food diet

The breakdown on the Atkins Diet

  • The Atkins Diet is based on the philosophy of still eating fatty foods, but ignoring those that are high in carbohydrates. In essence, you will be tapping into your fat stores for energy.
  • There’s no need to sign up to any sort of plan, all of the information is readily available.


Atkins Diet Cons

  1. It is very difficult for vegans to experience this diet.
  2. Over a long period, it’s understood that the risks of heart disease may increase due to the high intake of fat.


Atkins Diet – How does it work?

The basis of the Atkins Diet is to completely cut out carbohydrates, in a bid to promote the ketosis effect which will see your body burn fat rather than carbohydrates. Over time, more carbohydrates will be introduced, but the scientific reasons why the Atkins diet works revolves solely around ketosis and tapping into fat as your primary energy source.


Will the Atkins Diet work for you?

For years the Atkins Diet has worked for a lot of people, and still continues to do for. In fact, the current evidence suggests that you will lose 6-10lb in the first couple of weeks of the diet, with this evening out to 1-3lb a week as the diet progresses. Its weight loss principles are undisputed – the only issue is dealing with the consumption of so much fat.


Does the Atkins Diet have side effects?

The ketosis process can lead to several side effects such as bad breath and tiredness. Most people are more concerned with the long-term issues and there is an increased risk of heart disease if you stick with the Atkins Diet for a significant period of time.



9 – Vegan Diet

Next on the list is the Vegan Diet and while it may not again be for everyone, it can still prompt a decent amount of weight loss for a lot of people.

vegan diet

The breakdown on the Vegan Diet

  • The Vegan Diet involves stripping out all animal products, which includes dairy and eggs. As such, you’ll generally be consuming far fewer calories.
  • The replacement foods, such as fruits and vegetables, should make you feel fuller throughout the day. This will occur, whilst still consuming fewer calories.


Vegan Diet Cons

  1. It’s hugely restrictive, and few people can eat such a minor selection of foods for a long period of time.
  2. It can also involve lots of preparation work and isn’t advisable for those who are not creative in the kitchen.


Vegan Diet – How does it work?

While the Vegan Diet is primarily targeted by people for moral reasons, many still also turn to it to lose weight. The likes of fruits, vegetables and grains are all very low in fat, meaning that it also works perfectly for those who are looking to shed the pounds as well.


Will the Vegan Diet work for you?

The stats suggest that the Vegan Diet will work for you. For example, one study showed that after one year, vegans lost 6.9 pounds more than those following a regular diet.


Does the Vegan Diet have side effects?

The most significant side effect of this diet is not consuming sufficient calories, which can lead to malnourishment. This is something that any user has to guard against, as it’s entirely possible when you consider the lack of choice that is available.



10 – Biggest Loser Diet

It made its name on TV, but now it’s one of the big players in the dietary world. Here’s our lowdown on the Biggest Loser Diet

biggest loser diet

The breakdown on the Biggest Loser Diet

  • The Biggest Loser Diet is based on numerous success stories from the popular television show – meaning that each one has a good degree of success.
  • You don’t have to be too restricted with the diet. In fact, you can switch between Mexican, Asian or whatever cuisine you desire for the evening!


Biggest Loser Diet Cons

  1. A lot of the diet is based on extraordinary fast weight loss, which might be difficult to sustain over a long period of time.
  2. You will need to combine your diet with a lot of exercise.


Biggest Loser Diet – How does it work?

The Biggest Loser Diet is based on the 4-3-2-1 Pyramid scheme, which revolves around four servings of fruit and vegetable, three of protein, two of whole grains and 200 calories worth of extras. The basis is to carry this out every day, which ensures a balanced diet whilst still giving you a lot of flexibility in relation to the specific foods you consume.


Will the Biggest Loser Diet work for you?

As the television show highlights, there is every possibility that you will reap the same success as the contestants and lose a considerable amount of weight. The big stumbling block seems to be keeping the diet up and this is something that a lot of the shows contestants struggle to deal with after filming.


Does the Biggest Loser Diet have side effects?

The principles of the Biggest Loser Diet actually fall in line with recommendations from the American Heart Association, meaning that no side effects are currently associated with this diet.


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