Cholesterol & Weight Loss – What You Need to Know

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One thing that nobody can dispute is that the health industry prompts a lot of dangerous misconceptions.

On one hand, the authorities attempt to educate us in every way possible – but on the other, things can be taken in completely the wrong way.

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There’s no doubt that the topic of fat and cholesterol levels fall well and truly into this category.

Most of us are under the assumption that the two go hand-in-hand and if you happen to be overweight, you’ll also happen to have high levels of cholesterol.

However, this couldn’t be further away from the truth and in a lot of cases, you can still eat fatty foods and not see your cholesterol raised in the slightest.


What’s The Deal With Cholesterol And Fat?

If you haven’t noticed that your body absolutely craves fat and cholesterol, you are one of a minority. The reason why we crave so much of the above substances is because they are essential to our health – our bodies know that we must consume them to function properly.

To take this further, both fat and cholesterol contribute to the regulation of insulin levels. This has the knock-on effect of influencing energy levels, whilst also affecting the way in which your liver works.

hdl vs ldl


Essential Fatty Acids – The Core Type of Fat

We’ll firstly look at the most important type of fat out there – essential fatty acids. These cannot be manipulated in any shape or form in the body and must instead be obtained through a proper diet.

The problem is, most of us just don’t get enough of these EFA’s. In fact, to be more precise, we don’t get enough of omega-3 fatty acids.

Considering the fact that omega-3s are able to reduce inflammation via the liver and also lower triglycerides, it goes without saying that this absence is quite significant for our everyday functionality.

The above means that the balance of our essential fatty acids is completely out of sync. This has only happened recently, with modern advancements in the food industry bringing all sorts of nasty’s to our diet that throw our body completely off course.

To put a statistical spin on this section, the typical human should have somewhere between a 1:1 and 4:1 ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids.

When you consider that the average human can consume up to thirty times more omega-6 than he or she really means, it’s starting to become very obvious about how the whole balancing act becomes all-but impossible.

Bearing the above in mind, it’s clear that most of us need to “re-balance” our body in a bid to find these optimum levels. However, it’s also clear that fat can serve a purpose and is indeed essential to our everyday life.

omega fatty acids


What About The Cholesterol Factor?

We’re going to continue to state the benefits of fat, but do it through one of the by-products in the form of cholesterol. This is within fat molecules and serves to build brain and nerve tissue, helps with digestion, aids the immune system as well as maintaining basic brain functionality.

Additionally, and crucially for women, both estrogen and progesterone are derived from cholesterol meaning that it has a terrific effect on hormones.

Unfortunately, and we’ll again return to the dreaded myths of the health industry again, cholesterol is something that is only associated with negative connotations.

If we turn to a statistic provided by Dr Marcelle Pick, it’s understood that healthy people with normal levels of cholesterol are able to get almost a third of their daily calories from real fat. Ultimately, it means that fat can be consumed in large quantities, without impacting cholesterol in a negative way.


How Can Cholesterol be Affected Negatively?

We’ve just made a point of how some people can consume relatively large amounts of fat in their diet, but still retain completely acceptable levels of cholesterol.

However, as we’ve all come to know over the years, it’s very easy to fall into the trap of affecting cholesterol in a negative way.

Firstly, let’s take the low fat diet which also prompts low cholesterol. This is unhealthy for anyone, but for women the effects are multiplied.

As we’ve already pointed out, cholesterol has some sterling benefits attached to it – one of which revolves around hormone production. Therefore, when we don’t consume enough of it, our body suddenly starts to experience a hormone imbalance. For those unaware, this is the start of the hot flush.

On the opposite side of the coin, we have low fat diets which are blighted with high levels of carbohydrates. In theory, this should work perfectly fine – after all, you’re consuming less fat which results in low levels of that terrible cholesterol substance, right?

Unfortunately, such theory goes right out of the window. Firstly, low levels of cholesterol are not necessarily good as we’ve already dissected, but there’s another reason. Our body has been fine-tuned to automatically generate cholesterol when it starts to drop to dangerous levels.

Therefore, when we consume inadequate amounts of fat, we actually start to produce more cholesterol than we ever need. This continues until we react with the appropriate diet – and this is how a lot of cholesterol-related health complaints start to occur.

lowerol cholesterol test


What Happens if Your Cholesterol Levels Increase Dangerously?

As we’ve just highlighted, there are occasions where your body will take over and start to produce dangerous amounts of cholesterol. This is usually due to your diet although it can have serious repercussions, with many health experts suggesting that it can cause liver disease.

cholesterol 1

While a proper diet will put you in the right direction, sometimes a quicker approach is required. For a long time statins were the answer in this regard, with these doctor-prescribed drugs able to quickly reduce cholesterol to safe levels.

Unfortunately, in the process of doing this, a whole host of nasty side effects were prompted including nose bleeds, an increased risk of diabetes and hyperglycaemia.

Things do seem to be changing for the better though. Natural statin replacements have now entered the market, with these able to regulate cholesterol levels and protect the body in the process.

One of the main products in this regard is Lowerol, as we break it down as the following:

lowerol bottle

  • Lowerol has exactly the same benefits as doctor-prescribed statins, but it won’t promote any of the nasty side effects that these traditional forms of treatment have done for so long. This is because it is formed entirely out of natural ingredients.
  • While there might be some sceptical thoughts about these natural components, all of them have passed rigorous medical tests and have been proven to reduce cholesterol.
  • Lowerol actually has several convincing case studies attached to it. For example, one study showed that the typical person using the product lowers their cholesterol levels by 15%.
  • It won’t take years for the levels to drop to this amount either, with another trial showing that Lowerol can work after just 30-days.
  • To top it off, Lowerol is produced by one of the biggest names in the business. Napiers have an immense reputation in the supplements industry and having been in business for over 100 years, they have proven time and time again that they know what they are talking about.


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