Dr Oz’s Flat Belly Plan – How to Lose Belly Fat

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Over recent times Doctor Oz has become one of the primary sources of health information for a lot of patients, with his methods capturing the attention of the world.

Admittedly, there are some sceptics about his unconventional approaches at time, but there’s no question that he has changed the lives of a lot of patients who have been suffering from various medical issues.

One of his concepts which grabbed a lot of attention was the Dr Oz Flat Belly Plan. As the name suggests, this is a plan to help you shed the pounds around the abdominal region. To do this, he has highlighted four steps and taken the advice of three experienced professionals:

Liz Vaccariello
– A nutrition and weight loss expert, Vaccariello has sold millions of books about how to “burn fat, by eating fat”.

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Dr Shawn Talbott – Having spent over two decades in this industry, Dr Talbott is another author with his specialism being how to control hormones to melt belly fat.

This is perhaps one of the most interesting individuals that have contributed to the plan, with the doctor claiming that the consumption of relora in the morning, aromatherapy inhalers during the day and tart cherry juice before going to bed will help reduce your cortisol levels. As this is the hormone behind stress, Dr Talbott says that reduced quantities of it will result in much more efficient weight loss.

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Jaime Brenkus – This is the author of the famous ‘8 Minute Abs’ phenomenon and he too has explained how to make your muscles melt your fat.

Having taken the advice of the above individuals, Dr Oz has devised his plan based on the following principles:

  •  Shrinking fat cells
  •  Shedding excess pounds
  •  Reducing inflammation
  •   Beating bloat


Shrinking fat cells

This is perhaps the easiest principle to satisfy, with Dr Oz suggesting that you merely consume a low fat Greek yoghurt before each meal of the day. Furthermore, there is concrete evidence that this works, with one study showing that people who did this lost 81% more belly fat than those individuals that didn’t.

shrink fat cells doctor oz

The science behind this is quite amazing, with Dr Oz first explaining that fat cells enlarge when food is consumed. However, when low fat yoghurt is taken this hinders the ability of the fat from being absorbed into the cells. Moreover, the calcium in the yoghurt also contributes by binding the cells, meaning that the cells shrink. Subsequently, the belly shrinks and this creates the flat appearance.


Shedding excess pounds

The basis of this part of the plan is to consume three MUFA meals per day. Before we get started, we should confirm the meaning of MUFA, with this standing for Monounsaturated Fatty Acids. These foods are classed as some of the healthy fats, with the likes of nuts, seeds, olives and olive oil all falling into this category.

Additionally, Dr Oz has managed to show the benefits of the MUFA principle via a study. His show claimed that through a study performed in partnership with a university it was found that participants lost around a third of their body fat in just twenty eight days. This is because the meals will stop you having cravings, as they are technically classed as fats, even though they are of the healthy variety.


Reducing inflammation

The third point on the plan involves eating an afternoon anti-inflammatory snack. In more precise terms, this means eating a snack that is full of flavonoids. Most people are under the assumption that flavonoids merely contain anti-oxidants, but this is not the case and they hold many anti-inflammatory properties as well. Any fruit with a bright colour is generally classed as a flavonoid, making them very easy to locate.


Beating bloat

This is another simple part of the plan and merely involves you drinking ginger iced tea with mint and lemon. The reasoning behind this is logical, with ginger being great for digestion, mint releasing gases and lemon adding that necessary flavour. While some may raise their eyebrows about consuming additional fluids to rid themselves of bloat, this is something else that is proven to aid the problem.


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