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Many people would describe Jillian Michaels as something of a controversial character; or one that certainly splits opinion. In one respect, she has forged a terrific reputation through her work on The Biggest Loser, with her techniques helping the vast majority of contestants on the show lose large amounts of weight. However, there are a selection of people that are not big fans of the TV personality, with some believing her to be too commercial and sometimes too hard with some of her patients.

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Fortunately, the purpose of this article is not to analyse Michaels as a person. Instead, we’re going to take a look at her credentials as a weight loss expert and talk about her interview in the Dr OZ TV show. This is an area where Michaels has fantastic expertise and having been a personal trainer for the past two decades, it is clear to see that she is an ideal person to consult with if you are thinking about shedding the pounds.

If you are contemplating the above journey, Michaels suggests a few basic steps to start with. For example, you must be aware of your current weight and for some people, this involves the frightening task of pulling the weighing scales out of the closet. Furthermore, the scales don’t just have that job to perform, with Michaels insisting that you should make a note of your weight exactly once a week. Anymore, and it becomes difficult to keep track, any less and you may become discouraged due to the daily inconsistencies in your weight because of water retention issues.

After establishing the exact amount you weigh, Michaels has placed a lot of emphasis on diet in her advice. Firstly, she is a self-confessed hater of “fad diets” – those diets which in simple terms, just appear too good to be true. She claims that such diets do not help with long-term weight loss goals and while you may shed a few pounds during a short space of time, the likelihood of you maintaining such progress is slim to say the least.

Instead, Michaels says that a solid diet is absolutely key to getting into shape. This is something that most people are familiar with, although she has been able to provide several tips that should help you put together a decent dietary schedule:

  • Meats – If meat is your thing, be picky in what you choose. Michaels says that pork is one of the best options although if you do go down this route, make sure you purchase clean cut pork to rid the meat of all of the nasty fats. Once you have cooked the pork, don’t be tempted to use a liquid seasoning as this contains a surprisingly large amount of fat. Instead, use dry spices, which will provide you that extra flavour at a fraction of the calorie intake.
  • Whole Grain Foods – Michaels also says that whole grain foods are absolutely critical in a low fat diet. She cites amaranth and triticale as two of the best examples of foods in this category, and also advises that you should only buy these types of products if they say “100% whole grain” on the box. If it does not read like this, there is every chance that it won’t benefit your body substantially enough.
  • Fruits and Vegetables – Perhaps some of the most interesting advice that she provides surrounds fruits and vegetables. Firstly, she says that you should avoid pre-cut fruit at any cost, as many nutrients have already been lost through the manufacturers cutting through it. Another tip is to always purchase organic fruit and vegetables, as the pesticides that are prevalent on many of these fruits will have a hugely detrimental effect on the body. Fortunately, she at least understands that not everyone can afford to go down the organic route and for these people thick skinned fruit is permitted, as the effect that the pesticides have isn’t as notable.

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