Green Coffee Extract Side Effects

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The health industry is awash with optimism about the effect of green coffee extract  at the moment, with many people utilising the bean as a method to lose weight. However, there are also several people who have cast doubt on the treatment and claim that there simply must be some side effects associated with the solution. (


green coffee side effects


Incredibly, it appears this is not the case. Even though experts have made it their priority to locate a fault with the green coffee extract treatment, as of yet they haven’t found a thing and this means that there are currently no reported side effects for it.

Admittedly, this could certainly change in the future, yet the fact that the extract is so popular at the moment and has been used by so many people would suggest that the likelihood of this happening is very low. Of course, there are plenty of tests that will follow over the course of the next few months and years, but for now the extract certainly has the green light.

Following on from the above, we should take a look at some of the medical tests that have already been conducted on green coffee bean extract. The fact that the extract can reduce blood pressure has led experts to look into any adverse effects that might have occurred in this area. However, out of a 117 person study surrounding male candidates, not one person suffered a noticeable side effect.

The results were similarly impressive in a test of 28 Japanese patients who took the substance for two months. In this trial it was the participant’s blood that was monitored and despite the prolonged treatment period, no adverse changes were noticed that affected the serum iron, magnesium, zinc or vitamin B1 levels in the blood. In short, all of the above stayed in the safe balance.

As one may expect, some doctors have questioned if green coffee extract could be dangerous due to the caffeine content. It is a well-known fact that an excess of caffeine can be disastrous for the body although fortunately for the people that consume this extract, there is just 20% of caffeine in this bean of that what appears in the standard cup of coffee. Admittedly, if one over-indulged to ridiculous levels, problems could occur. However, such concerns are unrealistic and these issues have more chance of happening by drinking standard coffee.

On a similar topic, the fact that green coffee bean extract is linked with weight loss suggests that one should approach it with caution. As with any product in this category, people have to be careful when they are aiming to lose weight and must make sure they do it at a gradual rate – rather than all at once. Bearing this in mind, it can again be established that green coffee bean extract is no more harmful than any other weight loss medication.

Following on from the above, it can be established that green bean coffee extract has no adverse side effects based on current tests. Moreover, with the substance proving to be so popular at the moment, it would appear unlikely for side effects to occur in the future.

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