10 Common Habits That Lead to Being Unhealthy & Overweight

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Are you worried that you are going to become overweight and unhealthy? You could be setting yourself up for failure in the health department if you are doing some of the following things. Make sure that you are avoiding these common pit falls.


Eating too Fast

eating too fast

If you are scarping down your food instead of taking small bites and eating slowly you are going to eat more and will not be able to properly digest your food. Try putting down your fork between each bite to slow yourself down. You may also want to put your plate a little further away from you. This will mean it takes longer for your food to get to your mouth but it will also mean that you are going to have less food on your fork because you do not want to drop it in your lap.


Watching TV While Eating

Woman eating fast food and watching TV.

If you are eating and watching TV you are going to be eating more food most likely because you’re eating mindlessly. Instead of eating and watching tv you could eat and then watch tv or you could limit the amount of food that you take with you in front of the television and have set times to eat.


Eating Because You’re Emotional

emotional eating

If you eat because you are feeling emotional then you are going to eat more than you would otherwise. Emotional eating means you are taking in food when you body does not really need it. When this happens you are going to get fatter because you are going to take in too much food to your body.


Eating During Various Tasks

eating while doing tasks

I used to eat while I was reading or while I was writing. I had some snacks and various things sitting nearby so I would just grab a couple in between sentences so I could keep the taste in my mouth. This is never a good idea. If you eat whenever you’re doing things you are going to eat more and you are not going to do your tasks as well. This means that everything suffers.


Eating Fast Food

junk food

Fast food is packed with calories. It is insane the amount of calories that can be packed into one little chicken or beef patty. More places are posting how many calories are in each of their products but the bad thing is that many people do not understand what the caloric value means or know how to use it to help themselves make the right choices.


Missing Out On Sleep

missing sleep

There are actually chemicals that are released while you sleep that help your body burn fat. If you are not sleeping and you are tired all of the time you will not be able to have as high of a metabolism as you would like. Taking a little bit of time will enable you to get some sleep and start seeing better numbers on the scale.


Lack of Exercise

lack of exercise

Exercise is important no matter what weight loss pills say. It is important that you would have a proper diet and exercise. If you do not exercise you most likely will be overweight and unhealthy. Just adding 30 minutes of exercise a few times a week can help you achieve your ideal weight.


Hanging out With Obese People

obese people hanging out

If you are around people that are obese then you are much more likely to be obese. This is simply because you are going to adopt these habits and believe that it is okay for you to do those things. Birds of a feather flock together. If your friends won’t lace up their shoes and tighten up their belt they may need to go until you get control over your weight and health. You can tell your friends about your journey to help and if they want to come along – great. If not… oh well.


Skipping Meals

missing meals

If you miss meals you are going to make your body think that you are starving. If your body thinks that you are starving it is going to store fat and cause you to be heavier. That means that you are going to be heavier and you are going to be hungry! It is better to eat 6 small meals a day than to eat 2 big meals a day. The more that you spread out your meals and cause your metabolism to stay boosted the better it is going to go on your waistline.


Excessive Spending Habits

credit card spending

If you are always whipping out your credit card you may find it easier to add an additional item or two to your shopping cart or maybe to the end of your order at a restaurant. Make sure that you keep your spending under control so everything else will stay under control as well.



These are just a few of the things that could cause you to be overweight and unhealthy. It is important that you would keep an eye on what you are doing and how you are living. You may not be doing something major that will cause you to lose sight of how much you used to weigh and now see large numbers on the scale. Most of the time it is the small daily choices that we make that cause us to deal with these things.

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