10 Horrifying Food Facts Companies Don’t Want You to Know – Why You Are Not Losing Weight

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It would be fair to say that the weight loss field is one of the most commercial around, and this constantly means that webs of lies and myths are being spun that are just plainly untrue.

As well as being completely false, a lot of these “facts” actually make it more difficult to lose weight than it really is. As such, we’ve found our favourite ten ways in which the industry manipulates us and if you can stay away from these, you’ll have a much easier time of shedding the pounds.


We Are Manipulated by Colours

We are manipulated by colors ..

As bizarre as it might sound, companies are using the power of colour to manipulate us into buying their products. Red is renowned as an appetite stimulator, while yellow acts in the same way as well as being regarded as a “sociable” colour.

The likes of McDonalds, Kelloggs, Burger King and Wendy’s all play on these shades and make us feel hungrier than we really are when we pass these establishments.

On the other side of the coin we have blue, which is regarded as an appetite suppressant. Those companies which sell low fat products usually take advantage of this shade so if you are on the lookout to stay thin, keep an eye for those shades of blue down the supermarket aisles!


Let’s Ditch The High-Carb Diets

Let's Ditch The High-Carb Diets

High-carbohydrate diets have been a talking point for many a year, but there is straightforward science that shows that they are utterly ineffective. It has been found that they make us resistant to Leptin – which is a hormone which controls our satisfaction after we have eaten.

As such, when we do embark on one of these high-carbohydrate diets, our brain still makes us think we’re hungry – which obviously isn’t a good thing!


Don’t be Conned by The “Low Fat” Spiel

Don't be Conned by The "Low Fat" Spiel

A lot of foods are labelled as “low fat”, but you really should take this as a pinch of salt (pardon the mild pun).

Most of the time, this never means that the food is low in calories and there is still every chance that you will be piling the pounds onto your waistline.

If we were to take Applebee’s low fat chicken quesadillas as an example; these still contain a whopping 742 calories which is significantly more than a burger from a fast food chain.


Twinkie’s Are More Deceptive Than You Think

Twinkie's Are More Deceptive Than You Think

When you next tear into a Twinkie, don’t immediately assume that the creamy white filling is cream. Instead, it’s largely made up of Crisco, which is vegetable shortening and a sure way to pile more calories into your body.


Junk Food Companies Know How to Target us

Junk Food Companies Know How to Target us

For years activists have been clamouring for television commercials to be regulated in relation to junk food. However, as it stands, nothing has been done.

This can be emphasised by the fact that 80% of the food commercials shown on a Saturday morning, the prime time when children are tuning in, are for junk food. Is it any wonder our nation is turning obese?


Baby Food Isn’t as Healthy as it is Made Out to be…

Baby Food Isn't as Healthy as it is Made Out to be...

While the general consensus might be that companies are forced into making baby food “healthier” than standard foods, this isn’t always the case.

A survey conducted by the Children’s Food Campaign found that some brands have piled more saturated fats and sugar into their baby food products than what is contained in junk food.

Therefore, if you are a parent of a young child, don’t immediately think that the big brands are going to help you bring your little one up the healthy way.


A Food to Avoid: The “Bloomin’ Onion”

A Food to Avoid: The "Bloomin' Onion"

It might have gathered a lot of fame over the years, but try to avoid the marketing spiel and the general “appeal” of the Bloomin’ Onion appetizer from Outback.

Some sources believe that this dish contains almost 3,000 calories and when you consider the fact that this is significantly more than an adult’s recommended daily allowance, it stands to reason that you must avoid the temptation and turn to something else.


The Great “Low Sugar” Scam

The Great "Low Sugar" Scam

Something that has become increasingly common over the last few years is the great “low sugar” marketing scam. Scan the supermarket aisles and you will be met by hordes of products that claim to be “diet” or just “low in sugar”.

Unfortunately, the substitutes that are used instead of sugar are far, far worse for those of us who are looking to lose weight. Most of the time they rely on either Saccharin or Aspartame, which are sweeteners which have been associated with weight gain.

The next time you pick up your Diet Coke, or “Light” sauce, bear this in mind…


Sugar is The New Coke (And Not The Fizzy Stuff!)

The Great "Low Sugar" Scam

The weight loss industry is full of medical studies, although this next one is somewhat disturbing. One of the more recent ones, which took advantage of advanced brain scan technology to delve deep into the human brain, found that we react very similar to sugar and cocaine.

As we all know, cocaine is one of the most addictive drugs out there, so the fact that sugar could even be classed in such a similar vein is scary to say the least and shows just why we can’t get enough of certain products.


Yogurt is no Longer The Healthy Food it Once Was…

Yogurt is no Longer The Healthy Food it Once Was...

And finally, we’ll move onto another one of the great big food scams. For years and years yogurt has been renowned as being one of the better foods for you and for a while, this was completely true.

However, nowadays, this is seldom the case. If you can get your hands on old fashioned completely plain yogurt you’ll be fine. Most of the time this won’t be the case though, and you’ll be instead consuming those that are flavoured, or blitzed with fruits.

The fact that your average serving of strawberry yogurt contains twice as much sugar than the famous Lucky Charms cereal says everything you need to now. In fact, in relation to Coca Cola, some Greek Yogurts have more sugar per ounce which is again just frightening.

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