How to Lose Fat Using the Only Proven Method Out There: Caloric Deficit

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It doesn’t matter who you are, body image is everything nowadays. Male or female, the press love to show off the Z-list celebrities who have bodies beyond belief and suffice to say, we all want a piece of the action.

losing fat usng caloric deficit

The problem is that most of the time we are all seeking quick fixes. Usually, this is through no fault of our own. Wherever we turn, we’re told that losing weight is actually very easy and within weeks you can have the stick-thin figure that we all crave. Or something like that, anyway.

As it turns out, it doesn’t exactly happen like that. There’s no magic pill to make all of the extra pounds vanish in days, while there are few diets out there that are going to work 100% of the time.

In fact, from our experience, there’s just one method that can help you lose weight successfully. It’s the method which is frowned upon by the diet pill manufacturers – as it’s just too simple to follow and would put many of them out of business. We’ll now take a look at that one method – and show how you can transform your body forever.


There’s a big difference between “weight loss” and “fat loss”

weight loss vs fat loss

Before we start to highlight the best approach to weight loss, it’s worth taking a look at one of the biggest misconceptions in the industry as a whole.

Most people will freely use the term “weight loss” – without fully appreciating what it’s about. In fact, we’ve used it already – just because it’s a term which everybody feels as though they resonate with.

The problem is that there is another term which is much more important and this goes by the name of “fat loss”.

There’s a huge difference between the two terms – even though you will appear to be thinner if you succeed with either. If you lose weight, you are losing everything including fat, muscle, water and a whole host of other elements that make up your body. Fat loss on the other hand is well, when you start to lose fat.

The difference is significant as most people really don’t want to be losing their muscle as well. This is something which can make your body look good and is obviously very healthy to have.

Fat on the other hand is something that most of us just want rid of as a matter of emergency. It’s something which can make our dress or shirt size balloon – it’s something that we only need in exceptionally small doses.

This is where a lot of the diet pills and detoxes try to work their magic. They may make you lose weight, but this might be as you are reducing the amount of water in your body. In other words, you’re not making a difference where it matters – you’re merely fooling the eye.


Caloric deficit: the only guarantee in the weight loss industry

caloric deficit

Now we’ve got the definitions out of the way, it’s time to tell you that magic process which will guarantee fat loss.

Unfortunately, it’s not magical at all. In fact, you’ve all probably heard of it. The phenomenon goes by the name of a caloric deficit.

For those unaware, this is an incredibly simple concept to grasp. It means that you’ll be consuming less calories than you burn – meaning that your body will start to tap into your fat supplies as an alternative means of fuel.

Unfortunately, the problem that most people face when they try and grasp this concept is that they say that they’ve already tried the approach. The truth is, if you’ve tried a caloric deficit but been unsuccessful – you’ve just been doing it all wrong.

Diet pills might talk about guarantees, detoxes may claim this and that – but nothing beats the promise of a caloric deficit. It’s basic science and if it hasn’t worked for you so far; you simply need to adjust your calorie figures (something we’ll come onto later).


What about “eating healthily”?

eating healthy

Some people may also spot another problem with the approach – it’s not necessarily healthy.

In other words, your diet may only be comprised of chips, cakes and fast food meals and you could still lose weight.

As long as you’re making sure that you are burning more calories than you’re consuming, you’ve got the green light.

This calorie burning doesn’t necessarily have to take place with rigorous exercise either; it goes without saying that the human body is constantly burning calories as you carry out your day-to-day life. In fact, even when you sleep, you’ll be burning calories.

Of course, we’re by no means suggesting that you keep a diet full of junk food. This opens all other cans’ of worms and you can start to develop some serious health problems if you just rely on such food.

The point that is being made is that it’s not what you eat, it’s just about how many calories you eat. That’s what can keep the fat away.


Creating a caloric deficit through your diet

Following on from the above, the next question is how exactly you create a caloric diet. Firstly, let’s take a look at how you can do this with your diet.

This is probably the simplest way to grasp and we’ll talk through examples.

If you were currently eating 2000 calories per day, you simply need to eat less than this to cause that elusive deficit. For example, if you consumed 1500 calories per day, your deficit would be 500 calories.

From this point on, you’ll start to lose weight. No questions asked – it’s basic science.


Using solely exercise to create your caloric deficit

Of course, some people might be in a position to use a slightly different approach. We should now point out that there’s certainly no right or wrong way to approach a calorie deficit and whether you turn to diet or exercise, you’ll still be ticking all the right boxes.

So, let’s move onto how exactly you achieve this with exercise alone. This time, you’ll still be consuming your 2000 calories per day. The big difference comes with the exercise you’ll be doing – you’ll be burning off an extra 500 calories per day through some form of cardiovascular or metabolic training.

The result is the same as above – you’ve just created a 500 calorie deficit. Congratulations.

Now, let’s add another word of note for those of you who are looking to curb your waistline through exercise alone. If you’re looking to burn calories at a rapid rate, there’s no doubt that cardiovascular and metabolic training are the two best methods to do so.

For those of you who perhaps aren’t bothered about the lightning speed fat loss, but would rather supplement your body with a little muscle, strength-based training is a better solution.

This is because you’ll start to lose a bit of muscle as you start performing cardio or metabolic exercise, whereas strength training helps you preserve it.

It’s again food for thought and again something that you have complete control of. There’s no right or wrong answers – but it’s nice to have plenty of flexibility when it comes to creating that caloric deficit with exercise.


Can you use both diet and exercise?

Can you use both diet and exercise

As we’ve already pointed out, there are countless options when it comes to caloric deficits with diet and exercise. You can base the decision on your personal circumstances, whether it’s time, motivation or whatever.

The other option that you have is of course to combine diet and exercise. This can provide a best of both worlds’ solution to people and can just split the load somewhat.

For example, to get to that 500 calorie deficit we have been speaking about you can simply eat 250 fewer calories, and burn 250 more calories at the gym. It’s really simple and if you can get to grips with this double-prong approach – it can make life easier for some people.


What is the quickest way to lose weight?

fastest way to lose fat

All of the above may have made complete sense to most of you, but if you have a wedding in the next few weeks or any other big occasion that requires a dramatic drop in waistline – you still have a problem.

Suffice to say, the caloric deficit is all about chipping away slowly at your fat. You can manipulate the deficit somewhat and while we have been talking about 500 calories a lot through this guide, it goes without saying that you don’t necessarily have to stick to this.

Rather than having 500, it might be 1000. However, most people prefer to work with percentages and it’s in these cases that anything above 30% of your daily calorie consumption is going to be difficult and potentially dangerous.

If you are looking to shift as much weight in record speeds, you’re probably looking at a deficit of 30% of your calorie intake. For someone consuming 3000 calories per day, this means that your deficit needs to be 900 calories.

If you go beyond this, all sorts of issues can develop. Moodiness, metabolic problems and of course hunger will all start to become prevalent – it’s just not possible to cause a calorie deficit of terrific amounts.

In fact, most people will simply stay between 10-20% – which are regarded as safe and realistic.

So, are there any other ways to cause fast weight loss? In truth, there aren’t really.

You could argue that a detox or fast which causes you to lose water works, as you will most definitely lose weight. The problem is that it’s just temporary and unsurprisingly, losing large quantities of water is hardly healthy.


The boring part: keeping your weight off

We call it the boring part as once again, you’re probably going to be disappointed with our answer.

As a lot of people will happily testify, losing weight is the easy part. It’s keeping it off which is really challenging.

Again, there are no hard and fast rules which are going to make this a breeze.

In fact, you just need to live a sustainable life. This means that you just can’t rely on any quick fix, or any fad product that you see flashing up on your favorite health website. These don’t work – and just don’t make a dent in comparison to the method we have outlined through this guide.

Living sensibly is the only way to ensure that you keep the pounds away for good. Don’t be tempted into any rash decisions, such as eating exceptionally low amounts of calories. Over time, your body just won’t be able to cope and you’ll be back to square one, or worse.

We said it’s boring, but living, eating and exercising sensibly are the only sure-fire ways to stay slim.


A summary on losing weight “the right way”

Following on from all the above, we’ve highlighted the only true way in which you can keep off the pounds – creating that caloric deficit.

Sure, some people may have great luck with a diet. In fact, we’ll put it out there that it’s not unheard of for a particular diet to strike a real chord with your body and suit you for life.

Unfortunately, such examples are few and far between and even if you find a diet, making it work forever is a tough ask. It means putting your body through the mill – sticking to certain foods, not having a break and generally not experiencing an enjoyable lifestyle.

The other option is to just split things down. Caloric deficits are simple – and this is perhaps what puts people off. However, they are proven to work and as we have already pointed out, you can eat all the cakes and Big Macs that your heart desires as long as you take other precautions as well.

You don’t have to exercise and you don’t have to diet at the same time. It’s the biggest secret that the diet pill manufacturers didn’t want you to find out – and hopefully you can now understand why.

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