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Whenever Dr. Oz endorses a product, it generally goes through the roof. In one of his recent appearances on his show, he was raving about the effects of Meratrim and claiming just how it could transform the weight loss industry.

Of course, this is an industry in which products regularly come and go. In an effort to get to the bottom of Meratrim and determine whether or not it will have any sort of longevity, we’ve put together this post.

How does Meratrim work?

If you’ve studied a lot of weight loss products, you’ll have probably found that many rely on the same concoction of ingredients. A lot of manufacturers tap into the same sorts of appetite suppressants and while we’re not going to rattle off a list of common components, it’s safe to say that most have become very well-known because of their prominence in such a wide selection of products.

This is where Meratrim differs. This product takes advantage of a herb called sphaeranthus indicus and a flower called Garcinia Mangostana. On their own, the weight loss effects would be minimal. However, when they are pitted together the effects can be staggering.

meratrim ingredients - dr oz

The way in which they combine is intriguing to say the least. They work to effectively block fat being stored. At the moment, there are various areas of the body which are reserved for fat storage and any fat that is consumed is immediately consigned to these areas. Naturally, over time this results in a weight gain.

Therefore, the combination of sphaeranthus indicus and Garcinia Mangostana just blocks these stores so that no fat can be stored there anymore. This obviously prompts the question on where the fat actually goes. Fortunately, this is quite a simple answer – it is merely digested. This means that the chance of you piling on the pounds after eating large quantities of fatty foods are greatly reduced.


Do you need to exercise?

Like every single weight loss product on the market, exercise will prompt better results. However, the segment on the Dr. Oz show highlighted that this is by no means necessary and some women were losing weight just by taking the pill before and after their morning and evening meal. Still, it was clear that the most impressive results arose from those who combined regular exercise with the product – which is hardly surprising really.

We’ll reiterate that this is a combination of ingredients that works much differently to most current products in the industry. It prevents your body from acting in the natural way of storing fat, and this is why it is causing such ripples amongst celebrities. It’s for this reason that exercise is not a prerequisite for the successful consumption of Meratrim.

meratrim review

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How much weight can Meratrim help you lose?

At the time of writing, Meratrim is still a very young product. The main reason it is capturing so much attention is because of its feature on the Dr. Oz show and for this reason, we’ll take some of the studies that were showcased there.

Dr. Oz decided to conduct his own experiment with Meratrim, by asking thirty members of the audience to take the product for a period of two weeks. The results were impressive to say the least, with the average weight loss being 3lbs and the reduction in waist circumference being 3 inches.

An official study has also been conducted which lasted slightly longer, with participants taking the product for two months. This prompted an average weight loss of 11lbs, suggesting that it’s not necessarily a short-term fix and it will encourage constant weight loss.

meratrim review


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