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Very few weight loss ingredients hit the market with a riveting public review from one of the most popular and well-known doctors in the world, yet that is exactly what happened with raspberry ketone.

raspberry ketone plus for weight loss

Raspberry ketone has become massively popular over the years, with most of this down to Dr Oz who happened to label it “The #1 miracle in a bottle to burn your fat” on live television. Suffice to say, this was enough for most people to turn to it and since those comments, companies have been quick to release supplements that take advantage of the ingredient.

For those that think they have heard of the raspberry ketone but aren’t familiar with the way it looks on paper, this could be due to a common spelling mistake. The word ‘ketone’ is actually a term you’d find common place in a chemistry lab although many individuals who have merely heard the term decide to spell it like “keytone”. This happens to be incorrect, but it is at least worth mentioning that if you see a review of a raspberry “keytone” product – it’s most likely to be about this.


What is Raspberry Ketone?

In simple terms, the raspberry ketone is an element that is part of the standard raspberry that you can buy at the supermarket. Health experts discovered that the component is one of the most important that is prevalent in the fruit and for those wondering where that enticing smell comes from, the ketone is the answer.

Of course, there are far more other benefits than the smell, with the ketone made up of other elements that provide the body with a health boost in huge number of ways. For example, vitamin C is held in there, as are various antioxidants, anthocyanin’s and beta carotene. Bearing this in mind, it really shouldn’t be a surprise to see why a respected health worker such as Dr Oz has decided to publically back the ingredient.


How does it work?

While it can be easy to bombard you with scientific information on how raspberry ketone is meant to aid with weight loss, it can still be described in simple fashion.


The main factor behind the ingredient is a protein named adiponectone – with this charged with the task of regulating your metabolism and also breaking down any of your stored fat. Considering the fact that a poor metabolism is one of the primary reasons why people put on weight, this in itself is impressive although when it is compared with the breakdown of stored fat, the effect can be an efficient form of weight management.


Are there any medical studies that back up Raspberry Ketone?

The answer to this question usually receives mixed responses, as it could be said that the medical evidence on raspberry ketones is debatable at best. In one instance, there is plenty of medical backing to suggest that the ingredient will be successful – although all of this evidence has surrounded tests on mice.

Therefore, this is where the critics hit raspberry ketone and state there is absolutely zero proof that the component works, merely because no tests have yet been conducted on humans. The proof will probably be in the pudding over the next few years as due the popularity of raspberry ketones, it would be quite disturbing to see if no direct tests have been carried out on the ingredient’s weight loss properties and could maybe suggest that it isn’t effective for humans. For now, with the component being used for only a short amount of time, it is worth casting an eye over the various tests on mice to see the potential that the component has.


Study #1

The first study that was released on the ingredient was all the way back in 2005 and was named, rather directly, ‘Anti-Obesity Action of Raspberry Ketone’. The basis of the trial was the provision of raspberry ketones to mice who were feeding on a high-fat diet for a reasonable period of time. The mice that were utilised across the trial were receiving different amounts of raspberry ketone, to allow researchers to cast their eye over the success rate of the component further.

The results of the study were impressive to say the least. It was found that all of the mice, whatever their dose, had lost weight and fat after just ten weeks.

While the initial results seem impressive, critics were quick to raise questions over this trial. Firstly, it was deemed as being very small – with each testing group containing just six mice. To add to this, all of the mice were male and while this may seem a trivial matter, some were questioning just what the results would have been in female mice. Nevertheless, the results were there and considering the lack of other evidence out there, it’s really up to patients on which path they choose to believe.


Study #2

This was a more recent study, published five years later than the previous one to be exact. Again, it focussed on mice who were being fed a high-fat diet and while no qualitative figures were released, the analysts behind the survey announced that they established that the ingredient helped halt weight gain and also make fat burning more efficient.

Again, there are obvious drawbacks with such a study and it appears to be vague at best. However, it was conducted under official means and the main question will probably focus on whether or not humans can experience the same results as what all the mice which lost weight during the tests did.


What are the possible side effects with Raspberry Ketone?

Due to the fact that raspberry ketones arise from a completely natural substance in the form of a fruit, some will not be surprised to hear that they don’t have any side effects.

However, don’t take this as gospel, as there may be occasions when you will suffer side effects. While this may sound somewhat contradictory, it’s worth mentioning that hoards of health manufacturers are attempting to release more and more products that contain raspberry ketone.

From time to time, some of these products may also contain other ingredients, and there is no guarantee that these products will arrive without adverse effects. Therefore, the advice is to always check with a pharmacist prior to taking any medication that contains raspberry ketones. Generally, if the product is made up of completely natural ingredients, there won’t be any problems. However, once artificial components arrive, side effects can occur.


What products are out there that contain Raspberry Ketone?

Considering all of the hype that has surrounded the raspberry ketone treatment, one should not be surprised to hear that it’s possible to obtain products based on the ingredient left, right and centre. Even though there is currently no hard core, medical facts that say raspberry ketone will help you lose weight, an incredible amount of manufacturers have jumped on the bandwagon and started releasing products that utilize the ingredient.

Due to the amount of products available, some may find it difficult to select an appropriate form of treatment with the ketones. Therefore, it should be stated that the vast majority of products in this field are identical and are just released by different manufacturers.

The reason for this is that as there is no patent on the raspberry ketone phenomenon, manufacturers are desperate to release the product in completely natural form. By doing this, they rid their product of any side effects.

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What are past customers of Raspberry Ketone products saying about the ingredient?

Anybody who has any knowledge of the health industry will know that while medical tests can prove a lot, there is nothing better than customer accreditation. If people have experienced success with a product or ingredient, it is likely to be taken much better than if the item merely has clinical support. Alternatively, if a product has terrific clinical backing yet no customer reviews, there are going to be a lot of sceptics.

Taking the above into account, raspberry ketones can be classed as one of those ingredients that benefits from both ends of the spectrum. It has already been discussed how the component has been well received by doctors, yet it is now worth mentioning that many customers are delighted after using it.

For example, one of the major retailers of a leading raspberry ketone supplement has hundreds of positive reviews – with the majority being in the five star mark. Moreover, the reviews go that extra bit further and many customers have commented how raspberry ketones have helped them lose a considerable amount of weight via a combination of the stated benefits, as well as the issue of it suppressing your appetite.


A summary on Raspberry Ketones

The emphasis on weight loss means that research is always going to be conducted in the industry, with new ingredients constantly coming to light that are deemed appropriate to take for those that are aiming to shed the pounds. It would be fair to say that raspberry ketones grabbed the world’s attention in slightly more unique means than other ingredients, with few being able to boast that they are endorsed by one of the leading doctor’s around.

However, while Dr Oz’s catchphrase regarding raspberry ketones will have unquestionably boosted sales of supplements that contain the product fantastically, it’s clear that his words do have some substance. There are an incredible amount of positive reviews on the ingredient, which is in stark contrast to many products in the weight loss field which are blighted by mainly mixed opinions. Taking this into account, raspberry ketones really could be “The #1 miracle in a bottle to burn your fat”.

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