Losing Weight With The Best Fat Binders – XLS Medical VS Proactol XS

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Every so often the weight loss industry shifts in a different direction. One year it might be appetite suppressants, the next it might be metabolism boosters.

At the moment, all of the hype surrounds fat binders, with countless manufacturers releasing product after product which aims to take advantage of this science.

Through the course of this article we will now investigate if the myths behind fat binders really are true, and if these products are here to stay for the long-term. Here goes…

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What Are Fat Binders And How Do They Work?

As the name of these types of products clearly indicates, fat binders are designed to “bind” fat. They primarily reduce the number of calories we consume and it goes without saying that this will almost instantly reduce our bulging waistlines.

While all fat binders work slightly differently, the principles remain the same. Most of them are based on soluble fibres, which are able to immediately bind to the fats that enter our body.

It’s at this point that the newly formed “bound” substance becomes too big to be digested, meaning that the body can no longer absorb such fat.

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The nature of these fibres means that they can easily “catch” any fats that are consumed as well, as they are lipophilic meaning that they attract the fat long before it gets anywhere near the intestine where it would normally be absorbed.

The end result is that rather than passing through the wall of the small intestine, the fats are blocked from doing this. Instead, they are merely passed out through the body as waist and ultimately, no difference is made to the size of our waistline.


Can Fat Binders Work Without Exercise?

do fat binders work without exercise

Let’s not kid ourselves; fat binders aren’t completely magic substances that are able to keep us stick-thin for the duration of our lives. However, they are able to bind around a quarter of the fat that enters our body – which can make a huge difference.

To put this into perspective, it’s understood that 1g of fat contains 9 calories, meaning that the amount of calories we are eradicating from our diet can be huge if we analyse the intake through the course of a day.

So, to answer the original question – fat binders can work without exercise. The only issue is that there limitations and you will only be able to affect a small portion of your body’s calorie intake.

If you were to combine these types of products with exercise, the results would be terrific. If not, you’ll still see great benefits, which is something that cannot be said for most products in the weight loss field.


Are Fat Binders Safe To Use?

safety of the product first

We’re again going to answer this question by comparing fat binders to other types of products in the weight loss industry. If you were to turn to a lot of appetite suppressants, many of these are formed from synthetic ingredients which can prompt a whole host of nasty side effects.

The beauty about fat binders is that many of them are formed from completely natural ingredients, making them completely safe to consume and eradicating any adverse effects you might experience whilst taking them.

Nevertheless, we should put out a disclaimer highlighting that not all fat binders will take advantage of 100% natural ingredients.

There are some on the market which will not take this approach, and this is why it is always advisable to scrutinise the ingredients label before you put your hand in your pocket. It’s for this reason why we have put together this next section, which takes a look at two of the most prominent products in the fat binding market.


What Are The Most Renowned Fat Binders Currently Available?

As we noted in the previous section, the importance of finding a suitable fat binder should not be underestimated.

While all of them work on the same science, revolving around the way they bind fat and ultimately make it indigestible, some of them use ingredients which are questionable at best.


Proactol XS VS XLS Medical

From our experience, we have found that the two safest and efficient products are Proactol XS and XLS Medical. Here, we’ll take a look at both in detail to allow you to make your informed decision.


Proactol XS

The Breakdown on Proactol XS


  • Statistically, Proactol XS is the best product on the market. Official medical studies have already found that it can bind up to 800 times its own weight in fat, meaning that it is around 33% more effective than similar products which have been tested.
  • This is a product which relies on simplicity and as well as following basic science to bind fat, it’s also particularly easy to link into your day-to-day lifestyle. You merely need to take two capsules before each meal, meaning that there won’t be any disruption to your normal activities.
  • The fact that it has already managed to win the Bauer Nutrition’s Best Choice accolade not only emphasises its effectiveness, but also how safe it is to use.
  • The manufacturers have generously included a 30 day money back guarantee with Proactol XS, meaning that anyone can try it without any financial risk whatsoever.
  • They also include numerous exercise regimes, which as we’ve already highlighted, can accelerate your weight loss management programme and make the results even more impressive.

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XLS Medical

The Breakdown on XLS-Medical


  • XLS-Medical is another product with extensive medical backing, with studies concluding that this can bind up to 27% of fats in your stomach. It means that it can slash over a quarter of the fat that you consume, and subsequently keep your weight down.
  • In fact, some sources have already confirmed that XLS-Medical is the best product in the Europe in relation to weight loss. This doesn’t just revolve around fat binders, but every type of weight loss product imaginable.
  • Just like Proactol XS, consumption of this product is simple to say the least. You take two tablets after each meal, again resulting in no disruption to your normal activities.
  • Over 11m packs of XLS-Medical have already been sold without a single safety concern. In other words, this is a product which won’t put your body at risk in any shape or form

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Verdict ..

In the end, both of these premium products have excellent fat binding capabilities,  both are made by well known and trusted companies, so basically you can’t go wrong with either of them, However ..

In our gym, We’ve seen better results with people using proactol xs, also it has more scientific studies backing it and good media attention (Dailymail, mirror, The Sun etc .. ) so it’s our favourite.

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