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Weighing in at 14 stone with 20% of body fat, it was no wonder that the newspapers gleefully took pictures of Ray Quinn as he donned an exotic holiday with a huge overhanging belly.

However, fast forward eight weeks and these figures have been slashed in half. He’s dropped two stone, with a body fat percentage of just 8% and there’s no doubt that he has the beach body that most men dream about.

Some would credit Dancing on Ice, the show that the actor won in 2009 and is currently competing in again, although others would look at the situation more deeply and realise that he completely turned his life upside down.


The Old Ray Quinn

The great thing about the Ray Quinn story is that this is a guy that practically every man in the country can relate to. As those infamous pictures in the press once showed, he hardly ‘looked the part’ and had a body that could probably be classed as worse than average.

Then again, when you look at his old diet, it’s no surprise. Starting with a fried breakfast, he’s proceeded to munch on pizza, chips, Chinese or any sort of readymeal for lunch before finishing the day off with another Chinese or late-night fried chicken deal. In between all of this, he was kept going by coke, chocolate bars and crisps – while four to six lagers were always on hand to wash down his daily intake. Suffice to say, it was a dangerous diet – and it was the reason he looked so out of shape and why his 5’9″ frame weighed 14 stone.


What changed?

Well, there’s no doubt that Dancing on Ice was the catalyst, but if we look at his lifestyle in more detail absolutely everything changed. He claimed that this just had to happen; after all, Dancing on Ice is a show which requires daily twelve hour workouts in a bid to fine tune the dances and not make a mockery of yourself live on television.

The initial decisions were to cut out all of the usual candidates, with potatoes, bread and pasta being consigned to the bin. Rather than prioritise all of those greasy foods that we mentioned in the last section, Quinn has completely cut these out as well. Instead, he only chooses ‘good fats’, with avocado being a prime example. He also decided to change the frequency of his meals and rather than gobble down a gigantic portion all at once, he’ll split it into smaller amounts.

ray quinn weight loss

If we look at Quinn’s diet even more specifically, the differences are incredible. Rather than the fried breakfast, he’ll start the day with a bowl of porridge, while a protein shake follows shortly after his work-out. Lunch is comprised of steak, green salad and cous cous, while dinner is pencilled in for 6pm and sees Quinn consume a lean turkey breast, sweet potato and lots of green vegetables. Simply changing the chicken for turkey is understood to make a considerable difference as well, with this being much lower in fat. We should also give a mention to the snacks and rather than the typical crisps, chocolates and other foods that were mentioned earlier, he now relies on regular bouts of almonds, or even dried meat biltong.


Is there ever a rest?

It would be fair to say that the above ritual seems strict to say the least – even if Quinn has fantastic results to show for his efforts.

However, he has even admitted that he has to make some sacrifices along the way and he has therefore pencilled in every other Sunday to have a “cheat” day. This is the time that he can eat and drink whatever he wants, and the importance of including this element of a diet is undisputed. Without it, Quinn himself has even admitted that he would struggle to cope and would probably quit after a few weeks.


What about supplements?

There’s no doubt that the bulk of Ray Quinn’s success comes down to sheer hard work and dedication on the exercise and diet front. However, he also credited the Forza T5 Super Strength fat burner supplements.

ray quinn uses forza t5 uper strength

This wasn’t necessarily something that was going to make-or-break his regime, but it has undoubtedly helped. The purpose of the supplements is to reduce cravings, increase the fat burning process and provide extra energy. Therefore, whilst undertaking a brand new diet and exercise plan, it’s clear to see that these supplements will have made the results a little more efficient and perhaps pushed him further than he would have got without them.

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While he initially just reserved Forza T5 for the mornings, he also started to add them to his afternoon diet in a bid to reduce the temptation to snack. This appears to have worked wonders – just like the rest of his impressive diet philosophy.

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