Sugar, Salt and Fat Addictions

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Over recent times there has been a shift in emphasis in the way health experts look at weight management problems, with many taking a psychological view on the subject. It has been discovered that many food companies play with their customers’ minds in a bid to make them become addicted to their products.

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The problem for the end consumer is that these food manufacturers could be putting theirhealth in jeopardy. Most of the time, they pursue such addictiveness through the inclusion of three components; sugars, salts and fats. Some have classed these ingredients as the three killers, which highlights just how detrimental to your health they can be.

One of the main men behind such claims is a reporter called Michael Moss. Moss has received plenty of publicity recently, mainly due to the release of his book about this topic and the fact that he appeared on the popular Dr Oz television show.

It would be fair to say that Moss holds almightily strong views on the subject and he is attempting to influence change within the industry. Unfortunately, the likelihood of him being successful appears slim, with the journalist already receiving a statement from the Grocery Manufacturers Association which attempts to rubbish his claims. Nevertheless, the GMA cannot dispute the scientific facts behind Moss’ work, which we’ll now look into through the remainder of this article.



The first component that we’ll analyse is sugar. Some have actually described this as the “miracle” ingredient, as it does so much more than what most of the world realise. Many people are under the belief that companies merely insert sugar into their products to give them some extra flavour, yet the reality is that manufacturers go overboard in attempt to tempt your addiction. One of the main reasons it is included in such high quantities in a lot of foods is because it can preserve them, and thus keep them on the supermarket shelves for much longer periods. There are also smaller reasons as well, with doughnuts for example being enlarged when they are cooked with this component.

Perhaps the scariest part of this is that manufacturers do everything in their power to tempt consumers through the use of sugar. Researchers have discovered that there is a “bliss point” – with this being the point in time which people become the happiest after consuming sugar. Manufacturers will go to great lengths to determine this and will include as much sugar as necessary to meet this bliss point. Unfortunately, this is performed with complete disregard for your health.

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The final “killer” component is fat. This is widely regarded as one of the most dangerous ingredients around as it is behind various life-threatening conditions, with heart attacks being the most renowned one. Unfortunately, while it might be the most dangerous, the brain simply doesn’t register this.

It will not react as strongly to fats as it does with salts and sugars and this means that it is impossible for an individual to feel when they are consuming too much fat. Furthermore, this substance also causes “mouthfeel”, which is the feeling that everybody experiences whilst they are eating their favourite foods. This only enhances the effects and means that fats are not only the most addictive of the three components, but also the most dangerous.

hamburger = fat addiction



The second of the three is salt and unfortunately, taste is again not the only reason why it is so prevalent in foods. Just like sugar, manufacturers add salt for preservative reasons and while this may aid their profit margins, all it does for you is damage your health.

The reason why salt is so addictive comes down to the type that the manufacturers add to their products. While most households will own a tub of table salt, this isn’t the variety that is found in your foods and it’s instead called kosher. This reacts much more violently with your saliva, thus making you enjoy the taste for much longer.




Potato Chip Addiction

Few people would disagree that potato chips are the nation’s favourite food. Everyone likes them and unfortunately, once you start you just can’t stop eating them. In fact, one of the major brands of potato chips has even developed a slogan based on this principle – which highlights just how addictive the food is.

potato chip doctor oz addiction

While everyone may love potato chips, the hard truth is that they are appalling for your health. They contain high amounts of salt, sugar and fat – the three components that are not only terrible for your body, but also make you addicted to foods.

Subsequently, once you have tasted potato chips, it is incredibly difficult to ditch them in favour of a healthier option. Taking this into account, this article will aim to educate you further on the major drawbacks that are associated with potato chips, and why they are proving so addictive to you.


Why are potato chips so addictive AND unhealthy?

The combination of an unhealthy and addictive food could be classed as a recipe for disaster. Unfortunately, potato chips hold both of these properties, with the following process highlighting just how they are made and how this procedure makes them such a health hazard.

  1. 1. Chips are firstly chopped and sliced into the shapes that we’re all used to. At this point, there is absolutely nothing wrong – they are merely raw potatoes that would pose no health problems in the slightest.
  2. 2. At step two, the problems start to arise. The manufacturers cover the potatoes in fat, with this providing them with the necessary texture and flavour. Unfortunately, this is the first sighting of one of the three killers, with the high quantities of fat causing all sorts of issues. Any person who is a fan of the Dr Oz television show will have heard of “mouthfeel” – the pleasant sensation when a food with high amounts of fat is in your mouth. Such a feeling increases your appetite for the food, which is hugely detrimental to your body due to all of the fat that is contained in it. Therefore, this particular step will not only encourage you to eat more potato chips, but it also means the food is loaded with calories.
  3. 3. Some people class the final step in the process as the joint-worst. The manufacturers pour salt over their finished item, which again brings on a whole avalanche of issues. Firstly, the manufacturers don’t use standard salt in the potato crisps, but a type called kosher. This reacts with the tongue and saliva on a much bigger scale, provoking a flavour burst which will again make you crave the product. Secondly, salt is one of the unhealthiest components out there and as it is included in such high quantities; the result is horrific for your general health.

There is an additional stage during the potato chips cycle, although this occurs when you actually eat the product. Due to the distinctive taste of potato chips, few people would realise that they have any sort of sugar in them.



While this is true to an extent, they do contain a lot of starch which will be converted into glucose once consumed into your body. This glucose can be classed as being just as powerful as sugar, as it is released into the bloodstream extremely quickly which means your body will start to store fat at a very fast rate.


A summary on potato chip addiction

Everyone knows that potato chips are unhealthy, but few realise just why this is the case. The purpose of this article has been to educate you on why this food isn’t only bad for your health, but why it will always make you crave more.

Unfortunately, it will be difficult to stop eating potato chips and you will have to hold a strong degree of self-restraint in the supermarkets if you wish to succeed. Try not to buy them in the first place and instead look towards the end aisles where you will locate more natural food such as fruits and vegetables. These might not contain the immediate, pleasurable taste – but they will keep your body in good working order.

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