How to Tackle Cellulite With Orange Peel-Busting Treatment & Georgios Tzenichristos’ Cellulite Cream Formula

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It’s a condition that blights women around the country and most of us think that cellulite is something that’s here to stay.

Worse still, for most of us this is a problem that just worsens over time – in other words, as the years tick by, that orange peel starts to get uglier as well.

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It might be a problem that literally affects millions of women, but over the years experts have struggled to devise any sort of successful approach.

Sure, various creams have hit the shelves (some of which are even potent enough to be available on prescription), but on the whole the success rates are low.

Therefore, the news that there might be a sure-fire way to rid yourself of cellulite once and for all caught the eye of the masses recently.

It’s performed by a surgeon who goes by the name of ‘The Dimple Slayer’ and occurs at a clinic called LipoTherapeia in London.


What does the treatment entail?

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Unsurprisingly, at the forefront of the treatment is an expensive piece of technical kit.

This device is able to produce high-frequency electrical currents and ultrasound, allowing surgeons to target fat tissue with high temperatures.

This eventually destroys fat cells, whilst also promoting collagen release so your skin can reform and tighten back to a fresh, younger type.

However, this isn’t everything which makes the treatment tick. Now that the skin has been subjected to such high frequencies, it is much more susceptible to topical creams and can absorb them more efficiently.

This is arguably the most crucial part of the treatment process, with the pioneer of this method of treatment spending no less than two decades developing the gel that can put an end to cellulite for good.


Why does the treatment work?

cellulite daily mail

While the device that is used to treat cellulite is advanced, the explanation behind the science actually isn’t.

The condition occurs due to an accumulation of fat inside the skin.

The bumpy nature of cellulite is because each compartment where the fat sits is of a different size and shape – thus creating the uneven appearance that we have all grown to detest.

The device used in this method of treatment applies so much heat to these cells that ice has to be placed onto your skin during the process.

In other words, it might feel cold on the outside, but it’s frying on the inside and this is how the fat is able to be destroyed.

When such an approach is combined with a topical cream, the cellulite slowly disappears.


Have there been any success stories?

spot cellulite

The reason this treatment method has proved to be so popular is because of a recent article in the Daily Mail, where a 48-year-old journalist put the technique into practice.

Her cellulite was rated as ‘Level 3’ which in simple terms, is absolutely horrific. Nothing else had worked, which made the results quite incredible.

While she admitted that the heat from the treatment was painful, the results from it certainly weren’t. After six weeks the cellulite had all but disappeared – meaning that the treatment was a resounding success.


What’s the secret behind the cream?

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When you analyse the concoction of ingredients that are used in this cream, it starts to become clear why so much time was invested in its development.

The likes of coffee extract, vitamin C, wild mint, sandalwood, horse chestnut, green tea and turmeric are just some of the components that make up the topical cream.

All of these boast skin-improving qualities such as being able to firm the skin and protect it from inflammation.

Suffice to say, these properties are ideal from an anti-cellulite perspective.


Are there any drawbacks to this treatment?

For an article that almost seems to prompt a miracle-cure for cellulite, there is unfortunately a downside. This arrives with the price.

As you might expect for such a revolutionary form of treatment, the overall cost for the six week course came to around £2,000.

This was calculated by the cost of each session, which was £145, and the cost of the added creams which were an incredibly £135 each.

Therefore, it’s certainly only a form of treatment that is open to a select few women out there.


Are there any workarounds if you can’t afford the main treatment?

Up until recently there was absolutely no alternative – it was either £2,000 or nothing.

However, a company has decided to take the initiative and at least make the revolutionary cream available to the masses.

bauer nutrition


This is a huge step in the battle against cellulite, as the ingredients in this cream have been found to prompt some incredible results that can make you finally have confidence in your body again.

The cream is called LegTone.


The breakdown on LegTone


  • We’ve just looked at one of the most successful cellulite procedures the industry has ever seen. A major part of this treatment was the cream and LegTone is almost an exact replica, including all of the core ingredients such as horse chestnut seed, butchers broom, wild yam root and various vitamins.
  • All of the above means one thing – you’ll increase the circulation to your skin, reduce swelling and help your body reduce the amount of fat it stores. In short, you will reduce cellulite.
  • LegTone isn’t going to make a huge difference to your day-to-day life. Application is simple and merely involves massaging the cream in immediately after a shower. Do it twice a day and watch the results for yourself.
  • As the product has been based on such a premium product, the fast timescales are similar as well. In other words, you won’t be waiting months (or longer) to see your cellulite disappear – this is a cream which works in record speeds.
  • There’s no need to worry about side effects when using LegTone. Just like the original cream which was spoken about, this is a product which only uses natural ingredients. There’s no harm to your body whatsoever.
  • While a lot of scientific backing has been invested into this product, LegTone still arrives with a generous money-back guarantee. You’ll have sixty days to return the product, which is ample time to see whether or not it works for you.
  • A mention should be given to the brand behind LegTone, with Bauer Nutrition being one of the biggest supplement manufacturers around. They’ve been around for years, they’ve been behind some of the most successful supplements in the world and in general, they can just be trusted.
  • We should also add that just like every product which Bauer Nutrition are behind, LegTone is something that is endorsed by doctors which doesn’t just mean it’s safe, but also maximises the chance of it working and killing off your cellulite for good.

Learn more – Legtone Official Website


How much does LegTone cost?

buy legtone  cellulite daily mail

As we highlighted previously in this guide, the major drawback with ‘The Dimple Slayer’ was the immense cost of the treatment and the cream that accompanied it.

This is where LegTone steps in. Instead of costing £135 a bottle, the product can be bought for £39.

Suffice to say, this is an enormous saving for a product that resembles something which is making real headway in the battle against cellulite.

Click to visit the official Legtone Page

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