Top 10 Celebrities Who Went From Fat To Fit

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We are daily subjected to images of celebrities whom we cannot help but envy for the seemingly effortless slim bodies, which put our feeble attempts at dieting to shame.

What we often do not realize is that it is rarely, in fact, effortless. Whilst some celebrities manage to retain their perfect body image throughout their career, others struggle and fail, only to be then subjected to further publicity for this reason. Here, we look at those in the public eye, who famously got into shape following issues with weight management.

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celebrity weight loss

Robbie Williams

During his career break the singer suffered from weight gain, only to recently lose it prior to the Take That reunion European tour. It is rumoured that Robbie Williams and Gary Barlow made a bet on who can lose more weight and both members of TT seemed to take it very seriously. Recently Robbie has been posting photos of his impressive six-pack and biceps, which proves that the hard work has paid off. In addition to his standard weight training, the Angels singer also took up Bikram yoga, which appears to be the latest celebrity trend. It entails practicing a sequence of 26 poses in a hot room, which detoxifies your body and allows your body to stretch more deeply than in room temperature. Although uncomfortable for some, it certainly seems to have added heat to Robbie’s body!

Robbie williams



Jared Leto

The actor belongs to the group of celebrities, whose fluctuating weight has less to do with management issues and more with the roles he is supposed to play. In order to gain 67 pounds for his role as John Lennon’s killer in the movie Chapter 27 Leto was consuming vast amounts of pizza, pasta as well as ice cream with soy sauce and olive oil. He then bravely took on the task of losing weight through the Master Cleanse Diet, making him unrecognizable only 6 months later. The diet involved fasting and drinking only water with lemon and cayenne pepper. Hats off to Jared for his commitment!

jared leto weight loss


Jonah Hill

The actor, known for playing the comical fat man in movies such as Superbad, decided that he wanted to start a healthier lifestyle with diet and exercise. With the assistance of a nutritionist and Japanese food, Hill lost 40 pounds before his role in the action movie 21 Jump Street. The actor admits that beer is his only weakness and downfall, which may be the reason behind his recent fluctuations.

jonah hill weight loss


Christina Aguilera

Christina, who has previously been criticized for her weight, is now showing off a considerably slimmer body. The singer previously commented that she was happy in her body and was not bothered by the criticism she received. Although still curvy, Xtina has been looking much more toned and slender, and received lots of praise for her new look after appearing on The Voice.

christina aguillera weight loss


Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne always received heavy criticism for her eccentric style and a large frame. Recently, however, the celebrity has become the icon of healthy weight loss, fitness and body confidence. She worked very hard, and unlike numerous other celebs, she made sure that her weight loss plan was a healthy one in order to avoid putting it all back on. Formerly 11st 6lbs, the daughter of Ozzy Osbourne slimmed down to an incredible 8st, making her look unrecognizable. Following her battle with drug addiction and low self-esteem, Kelly is now the role model for those dealing with serious confidence and body issues. With the help of her Dancing With the Stars partner, the star of The Osbournes learned all about the importance of nutrition and fitness and did not give up even after the show.

kelly osbourne


Britney Spears

The whole world watched as Britney, after going through a rough patch, changed drastically from a skinny teenager to a not-so-slim woman. However, she soon shocked once more by showing off a very toned and, more importantly, healthy body. She avoided excessive dieting and worked on her figure with fitness and cardio exercises. It took Britney 6 months to reach her ideal body weight and she now looks better than ever thanks to simply changing her eating habits, avoiding junk food and exercising 5 days a week.

britney spears


Kate Winslet

The Oscar award winning actress is famous for embracing her curves and having admirable body confidence. It, therefore, came as a surprise when Kate admitted that she embarked on an intense weight loss regime in order to achieve the look she is now proud of. The actress confessed that she was once addicted to losing weight and used laxatives in order to speed up the process. The formerly curvy star of Titanic recently lost her pregnancy weight after following advice from her nutritionist. Kate achieved this by eliminating alcohol and processed foods from her diet and did limited exercise. Although she will never be a size 0, Kate is admired for her subtle curves and a healthy attitude towards her body.

kate winslet



Nicole Polizzi, better known as Snooki, shocked everyone by losing a lot of weight very quickly following her pregnancy. She previously battled with an eating disorder and has now finally achieved her ideal weight. Her dramatic weight loss has been due to quitting alcohol, working out regularly, changing her eating habits and, most of all her lifestyle, which previously largely involved partying. After becoming a responsible mother, Snooki managed to shed most of her pregnancy weight in only two months.



Mariah Carey

The diva has always been famous for her curvy body but after giving birth to twins Mariah decided to shed some of the weight. She ended up losing an incredible 70lbs in only a few months. In order to shed the weight, Mariah limited her daily intake of calories and started a programme of regular cardio and aquatic workouts. Her decision to start the programme was based on her low self-esteem following the pregnancy as well as difficulties with everyday tasks. Following her weight loss Mariah became the brand ambassador for the weight loss company, Jenny, and she credits the programme for helping her lose most of her weight. She now feels happy, confident and most importantly, healthy.

mariah carey


Russell Crowe

The actor has been in the spotlight for his frequent weight fluctuations, following his weight gain after Gladiator and his recent weight loss for the movie Robin Hood. His intense exercise regime has paid off as he has been photographed showing off his drastically changed appearance. The star puts his dramatic weight loss down to walking, yoga and gym workouts, as well as giving up junk food, something he had largely enjoyed in the past.

russel crowe

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