Top 10 Weight Loss Secrets From Women Around The World

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Name a nationality, think of a woman of said origin and you’ll probably have quite a vivid picture of what they look like. Like it or not, every nation in the world is stereotyped and some are regarded as fat countries, while others are seen as slimmer ones.

However, no matter what the average weight of the nation is, each and every woman has their own array of weight loss tips. They vary from nation to nation and it can prove to be very interesting to read the different approaches. Through the remainder of this post, we’ll take a look at our favourite ten weight loss secrets from women around the world.


Indian Women

Indian women walking

One of the most fascinating statistics we found during the research of this article was the sheer volume of walking that Indian women undertake. It’s understood that the typical woman in India will walk an incredible six miles a day. Suffice to say, this has a huge effect from a weight loss perspective and the experts believe that it will speed up the process by over 50 percent. Additionally, all of this doesn’t occur by treadmills or by other modern exercise equipment, they embark on the simple process of wandering from location to location – no gym membership required.


Chinese Women

chinese women weight loss

The Chinese approach is completely contrasting to the above though. Rather than take out their excess weight with exercise, the Chinese simply decide to opt for the natural tactic. Any packaged goods are immediately dismissed, which seems quite incredible considering how many are actually produced there. The approach certainly pays dividends though and it’s understood by switching to a diet of this kind, it’s possible to triple your weight loss.


Greek Women

greek women

While the above two methods might be understandable, if we turn to Greece the situation takes a turn for the utterly bizarre. The Greek approach is to turn to olive oil and wine, with the average Greek thought to consume around 26 litres of olive oil every year. There’s logic behind the above though, with alcohol said to make muscle more sensitive to insulin. As such, this prompts sugars to be burned before they are converted into fat.


Japanese Women

Japanese Women weight loss

The Indians opt for walks, but the Japanese go for the opposite. This is a nation which prides itself on power naps; those sleeps that last anywhere between twenty and thirty minutes. The science behind this is that people who have had plenty of rest are able to burn fat at much more efficient levels, while their calorie consumption will also fall as well.


Sri Lankan Women

Sri Lankan Women weight loss

The approach taken by the majority of Sri Lankan women is a little more specific, with this focussing around coconuts. While a lot of Westerners despise the food, it’s thought that the typical Sri Lankan will eat 120 coconuts per year. Admittedly, they’re not always consuming these whole, and it sometimes comes in oil form. This is again understandable, with science revealing that coconut oil contains medium-chain fatty acids which can be immediately burned for energy. Perhaps more importantly, they encourage fat to be burned at a much quicker rate than normal.


Trinidadian Women

Trinidadian Women are fit

This is perhaps the strangest method out of the ones we have deciphered so far, and also one that does not have any scientific backing. Nevertheless, the Trinidadian’s think that it works a charm, with women from this nation of the belief that ‘liming’ will help them meet their weight loss goals. In essence, this is simply chilling with friends, with the reasoning being that these people will be able to encourage and help you stick to a diet just by being there.


Brazilian Women

Brazilian Women fitness

The Brazilians perhaps have a more believable version. Their philosophy is relatively simple in essence; they just consume a scoop of rice and beans with every single meal. Science suggests that this could double the amount of weight you shed, and this is mainly due to the beans. They contain their own appetite-suppressant and this means that the body is not as inclined to crave food throughout the day.


Spanish Women

Spanish Women

It’s no secret that Spanish women pride themselves on their appearance and to do this, they simply make their one meal per day last as long as possible. They invite the whole family along, only eat the best available food and generally span it out until everyone has grown bored. One would immediately assume that this approach would have the opposite effect, and the Spanish would simply consume more calories. However, by talking frequently during meal times, statistics have suggested that it will make you eat 30% less food. The conversation will make the food enter your body at a much slower rate, allowing the natural appetite-suppressants to kick in and tell you to put down your knife and fork.


Finnish Women

finnish woman

Coffee always seems to crop up in weight loss discussions, but even more so if you are based in Finland. This is a nation which won’t leave coffee as a desert, but instead utilises it as a starter. By consuming a standard drink just half an hour before the main meal, it will suppress your appetite considerably and also enhance the efficiency of your fat burning. To boost the effect, some even have a cuppa before exercise in a bid to improve those vicious fat-burning workouts.


Icelandic Women

Icelandic Women

It would be fair to say that Britain is hardly big on fish and the typical UK resident probably has around 35 pounds of the food per year – in accordance with the rest of the world. If we then take a look at Iceland, things almost take a turn for the ridiculous. This is a country where the average woman will eat 200 pounds of fish per year – and it goes without saying that this can prompt huge benefits. Fish is known to prevent that dreaded belly fat from forming, while it can also act as an excellent appetite suppressant. It therefore won’t be surprising to hear that it can double the effectiveness of the typical weight loss schedule.

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