15 Ways to Curb Your Waistline & Lose More Fat

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It’s something that’s blasted in front of us through all sorts of media and if you were to ask most guys what they would change about their body, there’s a good chance that their waistline is at the top of the list.

It’s something that pretty much defines whether or not you have a good body and as such, it’s something that should be taken ever so seriously.

Bearing this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best ways to curb your waistline and boost your confidence in the process.


The obvious protein-factor

protein foods

Well, an article of this ilk just wouldn’t work without the obvious mention of protein.

It’s become something of a buzzword in the health and fitness industry and it’s for good reason. It’s not just designed for bodybuilders aiming to make their muscles repair themselves at record speeds either; it’s proven to be a godsend for weight loss as well. For example, one study in the International Journal of Obesity found you can boost your weight loss by more than a quarter if you turn to a high protein diet.

When we talk about protein, it’s all about the likes of fish and meat which contain masses of it.


Water could be your best friend

drink water

It’s one of the top tips from nutritionists, yet it happens to be advice that a lot of online guides leave out. Don’t underestimate the power of water in shrinking your waistline – a lot of people mistake dehydration for hunger and this is where the problems start.

By turning to water, you can immediately “trick” your body into feeling full. If you can try and down around four pints of water every day, you’ll have made huge strides in your waistline goals.


Milk is another must-turn-to liquid

drink milk

Staying on the subject of liquids, milk is another you should be looking to incorporate into your diet at any opportunity. At this point we should highlight that we’re referring to low-fat milk, for obvious reasons.

Milk happens to contain huge amounts of carbohydrates and this in turn should help you eat less. If you can try and squeeze a glass of skimmed in both morning and afternoon you should curb your other hunger cravings drastically.


Forget the main food contenders, turn to fiber

fiber foods

We’ve already mentioned protein and carbohydrates, but there’s another food-type that you should be closely monitoring in your diet.

Fiber generally doesn’t get the attention it deserves, and this is really surprising. This is something that your body will take longer to digest, meaning that it will also take longer for you to become hungrier.

Considering the fact that fruit, brown rice and plenty of cereals are basked in fiber, it’s one of the easiest ways yet to change your eating habits.


Green tea isn’t just for detox

green tea

Green tea is stereotyped in some ways; many people believe that it should only be associated with detoxing.

Well, we’re going to put another solution out there. Sure, if you have high blood pressure it’s not the best advice and you should avoid, but for everyone else the caffeine in this drink is invaluable. If you can take a green tea prior to exercise, you’ll find that the caffeine will help free the fatty acids in your body and allow you to burn fat more efficiently.


Chew your way to a faster metabolism

chew better

This is perhaps one of the strangest techniques on our list, but there is scientific proof that it does work.

A study in the US found that if you were to chew sugar free gum all day you would increase your metabolic rate by about a fifth.

This should perhaps stand to reason. On a completely separate study, it was found that day-to-day fidgeting (such as fiddling with a pen) could burn 700 calories per day in some people.


Hard exercise results in fast weight loss

exercising for a better waist

This piece of advice should probably stand to reason, particularly if you have followed the HIIT advice over recent times. In simple terms, if you can force your body to engage in more intense exercise, you will start to produce more growth hormone. The upshot of this is that you will then burn more fat.

When we talk about increasing the intensity, it might only be incorporating short sprints into your standard aerobic plan – it doesn’t have to be overly complicated.


Start with a big breakfast

good breakfast for a smaller waistline

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and really, they’re completely right.

The general advice is that if you can incorporate a big breakfast into your routine, you’ll eat much less through the course of the day.

It’s worth mentioning that you should then look to decrease your portion size for other meals through the day – with your larger breakfast making up for this deficit.


Always read the small print when it comes to food

check food labels

It would be fair to say that plenty of us get duped by the marketing spiel on packaging nowadays. Well, it’s time to dig deeper into this packaging and actually take in the small print.

One area in which manufacturers can’t manipulate the facts is on the nutritional details. Therefore, make sure that you read them before you turn to them, in a bid to see exactly what is entering your body. How much fat is really in there? Is there sufficient protein? What about added sugar? It’s all there.


Only go for the “right” carbs

good carbs

If you’ve been told to opt for a high-carb diet, you need to be careful. There are “good” and “bad” carbs, so let’s firstly concentrate on the latter. These come in the form of white bread, pasta and rice, all of which can increase your insulin levels and cause you to eat even more just to keep your blood sugar at a high level.

Therefore, the best solution to carbs comes in the form of low index foods. In this case, we’re referring to wholegrain bread and fruit and these can provide you with adequate amounts of energy the “right” way.


Short exercise stints can help you four-fold

light exercise

Long gym sessions aren’t possible for everyone out there – we’re going to assume that not many of you have hours of free time available.

However, studies have suggested that you perhaps don’t need all this time. A study conducted by the University of Virginia found that if you can add small, light exercises into your day, you can lose weight around four times more quickly.


Accept your guilty pleasures

eating chips

Unfortunately, we can’t have the perfect diet every day of the week. It’s in these cases where you need to make the necessary amendments.

For example, if you know that you will “need” a packet of crisps every afternoon, you will need to plan the rest of your diet around this. In other words, just make up the difference by not eating as many calories at other points of the day.

You can allow yourself to have these “urges” – just make sure you don’t go overboard.


Weight loss is all in the math

calories balance

A lot of weight loss goals can be identified by just looking at the numbers. For example, if you’re a 100kg guy, you’ll need around 3,250 calories per day. If you’re slightly less at 90kg, you’ll need around 3,032 calories.

What does this mean? Using these figures you can start to calculate how many calories you need to lose per day. If we turn to another example, if you were to take 500 calories per day off (whether this is through diet or exercise), you’d lose about 0.5kg a week.


Your progress can be calculated from your neck downwards

neck size weight loss

On the subject of math, it becomes very easy to track your progress just by taking a few measurements into account. The best way to achieve it is to find your neck size and subtract it from your waist size.

If you can try and do this every two weeks, and note down the measurements, you’ll soon find out whether or not you are losing fat.

If you’re not, it’s time to change your strategy.


Weight lifting does burn fat

weight lifting

Most people believe that the only way to burn fat is to turn to aerobic exercises. Well, that’s a myth.

Sure, if you’re doing aerobic exercises it’s going to help massively and it will help you burn fat. However, by also incorporating weight lifting into your regime, you will be able to boost your resting metabolism. This means that you’ll be able to lose fat whilst just sitting still.

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