Weight Loss With Human Growth Hormone Supplements (HGH)

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Some people can eat absolutely everything under the sun and not pile a pound of weight on.

It’s these people that most of us envy the most and the question we ask is, “how”?

Unfortunately, there is something of a magic formula. It’s these individuals that usually have fast metabolisms “built” into their body.

eating and not gaining weight

As all of the experts have told us over the years, a fast metabolism generally makes it easier to not only lose weight, but to not put it on in the first place.


The positive thing is that there are natural components in the body which can improve our metabolism.

One of these is the Human Growth Hormone, or HGH for short; a hormone that we have all benefited from since we were babies. It’s this hormone which can increase our muscle mass, reduce our body fat levels – and basically allow us to eat all we want without those horrible consequences.

We’ll now take a further look at HGH to show just how this hormone can help you lose weight, and how you can physically increase your levels so you can witness the results for yourself.


What is Human Growth Hormone HGH?

We’ve all heard of HGH; it’s one of those hormones that seems to be common knowledge, but that’s about it. In other words, we don’t really know what it does.

hgh mollecule formula

Short for Human Growth Hormone, this is produced by the pituitary gland from an early age. Right from birth, it is charged with basic functions such as muscle growth, tissue repair and perhaps more importantly in relation to the title of this article, our metabolisms.

Our HGH levels are at their highest as teenagers and they slowly drop as we age. It’s highly likely that this is the reason that we start to put on more weight as we grow older.


Why is there so much interest in HGH?

HGH and weight loss isn’t a new link; there has been evidence since 1990 that it could prove to play a large part in the process.

Back then, a journal found that HGH injections prompted an 8.8% gain in muscle mass, but more importantly (although perhaps relatedly), a 14% loss in body fat.

fit body

All of these results occurred when participants didn’t alter their diet or exercise, which is one of the most impressive parts of the HGH phenomenon.


It would be fair to say that further studies have not been quite as emphatic, although they have still found that HGH does increase muscle mass whilst reducing body fat.


How Does HGH Work in Relation to Weight Loss?

The main reason why there is so much attention on HGH is because of its actions on two enzymes.

  • It has been found that it affects the lipoprotein lipase (LPL), which initiates the breakdown of stored triglycerides into free fatty acids.
  • The second one is hormone sensitive lipase (HSL), which controls fat accumulation.

By affecting the above hormones, GH is able to boost the body’s metabolism. It will breakdown more fat, before using this fat to create energy.

human growth hormone muscle mass and weight loss

This means that the body will require more energy to function appropriately and in turn, the amount of calories you burn will increase.


Another similar effect it has on the metabolism is the stimulation of protein production.

As we have all come to learn over the years, protein is a huge component when it comes to the development of muscles. Therefore, through the introduction of HGH, your muscle mass will increase which will again enhance your metabolism and prompt the positive effects that we spoke about in the last paragraph.


How Can I Increase My HGH Levels?

As you may have gathered, there’s no “switch” to suddenly increase your HGH levels and take advantage of the above benefits.

However, there are several tips that you can follow. HGH can increase through the Growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH), by eating meals with high amounts of protein, by fasting or by even just exercising.


Unfortunately, all of the above factors vary between people and what works for someone, might not necessarily be successful for you.

It’s for this reason that companies have been investing large amounts of money in finding a solution that can artificially and safely increase the HGH levels in the body.

This has seemingly occurred as well, with this research finding various ingredients that can combine and affect our release of HGH. Unsurprisingly, these supplements are hot on the market although our own findings have suggested that GHAdvanced+ is the one to consider for the time being.


Why is GHAdvanced+ Recommended?

As you will have probably found through your initial research, the HGH supplement market is crowded to say the least.

We believe that GHAdvanced+ is the top performing one at the present time and to highlight why we are under this belief, here are some of the benefits that are attached to the product.

  • A lot of manufacturers are attempting to profit from the HGH niche, simply because it has gained so much attention of late. It means that there are lots of “shady” firms to avoid. GHAdvanced+ is made by one of the most reputable companies in the world of dietary supplements manufacturing, in the form of Slimming Ltd, meaning it’s completely safe to consume.
  • It might not be the cheapest HGH supplement out there (although it’s certainly not one of the most expensive), but GHAdvanced+ does contain the best quality ingredients. Again, it means that it’s completely safe to use, but the chances of success are also much higher.
  • If you are one of the few people who don’t reap the rewards of the product, the manufacturers have generously attached a 180 day money-back guarantee meaning that there will be no financial risk on your part.
  • Countless people like you have tasted success with GHAdvanced+. It’s a product with real testimonials; from individuals who have ditched the belly and become much leaner because of the effects.
  • Let’s not forget that this is built on real science. The ingredients used have all been proven to increase the levels of HGH, and ultimately keep us slimmer.

In short, we highly recommend GH Advanced, and we urge you to stay away from other supplements (especially the ones put on sale on ebay or amazon from shady merchants).

You can read our full GHAdvanced+ review here

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